Tuesday, January 6, 2015

1 years old here we come!

My baby turns 1 in 2 days! What??!?!?! It feels like just yesterday she was this quiet little newborn. And now we have a little girl who talks and talks and talks and runs around like a crazy person ALL DAY LONG! I'm sad that she is growing up SO fast! But at the same time I'm excited. 

So take a look at her pictures and watch her grow! Sorry for the overload!

Our little baby the day after she was born

3 weeks old she started showing some personality!

Our little happy baby!

Found she had hands!

Valentines day!

Blessing day!

Two months old!

Three months old!

Provo high soccer game!

First shots!

Four months old!

5 Months old!

Starting solids!

First ER visit!

Lots and lots and lots of Physical Therapy!

Fourth of July and 6 months old!


Upgraded to a big girl car seat and got shots all in the same day! 

Eight months old.

Soccer games

Soccer games


Never ending SOCCER GAMES!

Helping in the kitchen

Being a monster in primary

10 months old!

Silly bath time fun!

Graduated from physical therapy!!! :D


Found what toilet paper is...

Lots and lots and lots of papa time!

11 months old!

Christmas eve

Happy new years!

It's been so fun watching her grow and learn this year! I'm so excited to see how much she'll grow and learn this year! I'm so grateful I got to spend this year with this little girl! She's been such a blessing and joy in our lives! Happy (early) Birthday baby girl! 

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  1. EEEP! I made that big red bow on her little newborn head! Love that little girl!


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