Monday, December 1, 2014

Zack and I; Then vs. Now

Zack and I have been together a long time. Sometimes I sit there and ponder all the things we've been through together. And sometimes I wish I could go back and just treasure those precious memories. Things are very different than they were back then. So I've complied a bunch of memories and how it's different now. 

Enjoy ;) 
(Oh I wrote it to Zack, you know, because it's what I miss about our relationship. Don't get confused!)

I miss being able to go and do whatever we wanted when we wanted. The world was ours for the taking. 

But now we're parents and married and we have to worry about bills and children and jobs and where were going in this life together. But that's our new adventure! Being parents and growing up/old together!

I miss the days where we used to get in your car and just drive around for hours. Not really going anywhere in particular. Just driving, holding hands and talking for hours about the future.

And before we knew it the future snuck up on us! And here we are living part of our dreams! Being parents, being married, doing financially better than we thought we would be, living the dream! 

I miss our little adventures. We used to drive (we liked to drive okay?) and go hiking, or taking walks on the river trail, or play basketball, or catch or go to movies and dinner! Normal adventures ;)

Now our adventures consist of blow out diapers and trying to clean up the poop everywhere while laughing hysterically, trying to get a good hug from each other but having a little girl squeeze her way in because she doesn't want to feel left out. Wrestling with each other and then when you finally get me pinned Madeline coming over and sitting on my face ;) 

I miss the way you used to send me text messages before we got married. I used to save them to my phone. and then write them in my journal so I never ever lost them. And I miss the fact that we talked 24/7. 

Now... we don't get talk 24/7. I'm too busy running after an 11 month old and you can't have your phone on at work. So we got 8-9 hours without talking to each other. But I think I make up for it trying to wake you up ;)

(me jumping on the bed trying to wake Zack up)

I miss being able to sit down and watch a movie with you. Just sitting there cuddling, falling asleep just enjoying each other company.

Now days, if we are watching a movie we usually miss half of it. We have a screaming baby that needs to be fed, or changed. Or needs to be played with. We have to go track her down because she's run off into a place and we can't hear her anymore so we have to go find her and the trouble she's getting into. 

I miss having normal conversations with you. You know, "How was your day?" or "what do you want to do tonight?" "How did your test go?" "How did work go?"

Now, our conversations consist of "Madeline pooped 3 times today! Can you believe that! 3 times!!" or "She hasn't napped at all today and I'm about to go crazy on you if you try to tell me about your crazy customers at work" "Please take this book and knock me over the head so I can sleep for a little while."

Zack and I used to sleep in the same bed. It was normal and that's what married people do.

Now one of us in on the floor or on the couch or what not because we have a little girl who has to be cuddled up to someone or she can't sleep. 

I miss the days where we had lots of time during the day to get ready for the day. You could shower as long as you wanted, I could blow dry and put my make up on as long as I wanted.

Now, you barely have time to shave your face twice a week so your usually scuffy. I only get about 10 minutes to shower, do my hair and get my make up on before the baby wakes up and demands my attention. 

I miss being able to just get ready and go. It didn't take very long and we didn't have to really think past "do I have my wallet? do I have keys?" 

Now we have to lug 10 million things around; a car seat, a diaper bag, extra clothes, bottles, formula, socks, shoes, coats sweaters, toys. Ect.

I miss being able to have a simple meal with you. And being able to eat it, all by myself with no sharing. If I bought a cupcake I could eat it without getting my clothes stained with it, and I got to eat it all and take my time with it. 

Now, when we get food, we have a little one who whines the whole way there, throws food every where, the majority of it ends up on us instead of our mouths. We have to eat it fast no savoring it.

But despite all that, I wouldn't trade any of it. Not then, not now. I loved what we had together before we had children. And I love what we have now that we have a baby. Life is amazing and it's been such a great adventure! Things may have changed but I know one thing will never change, the fact that we can always find the good in everything. I love you Zackary! Thank you for the adventures! 

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