Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Eve Box

So I saw this adorable idea on Pinterest so many many years ago to do this "Christmas Eve Box" I fell in love with the idea of it. (You can find the original post here) So I was completely excited that I could do it this year now that we have a little baby here to celebrate with! 

Unfortunately I was a little too over enthused for Christmas this year and wrapped it all up before we took any pictures. So I'll just show you what we got! 

My Christmas Jammies:

Sorry the image isn't so big. I stole it from Jcpenney's website. You can find the original image here
I got a killer deal. They were originally $30 I got them for $11! Black Friday people. Killer! But they have tons of options and they are so SOFT! That's what we went with this year, softness. :)

Maddies Christmas Jammies:

Again they are so soft! Maddie hates footy pajamas. She absolutely hates things on her feet and she just screams when we attempt to put her in it. So we thought this would be the best. It's on sale right now at Jcpenneys! You can find them here

Zack's Christmas Jammies:

These are Zack's. And they are on sale right now! For 12.99! They are a killer deal and again super soft. I don't know if those are the exact ones I got Zack... I bought them on a door buster a week before Thanksgiving so my brain is failing me. But you can find them here

So I wrapped all of our jammies up and put them in the box. Next a movie! I let Zack choose the movie since I chose the clothes. The deal with the movie is it HAS to be kid friendly. So Zack chose...

How to train your dragon 2!! 

I also stuck some popcorn in the box. This year I went low key but next year I'll be adding more. I thought we had an unopened can of hot chocolate at home but turns out someone used up most of it... (Zack....) So we don't have our hot chocolate, but next year for sure. I'll be adding mashmallows and maybe change up the treat from popcorn to something else next year. I don't know. 

But since Madeline is only 11 months old I don't think it really matters this year if its not the greatest!

So now I have it all wrapped up. And then when we finish our Christmas Eve party with Zack's family we'll come home and then "Santa's Special Helpers" are going to magically show up and leave the box on the porch. It'll be all wrapped up and we'll open it all up!

**if you do elf on the shelf there's an idea to have them bring the box as well! I just don't know how I feel about elf on the shelf yet!**

We'll be snuggled in our jammies and turn on our movie then go to sleep. :) One thing that I loved growing up is that we would all pile in someone's room and turn on a movie and sleep their on Christmas eve. Most of the time it was my room. And then at like 3 or 4 in the morning we'd wake up and sneak out to the living room and see all the presents that Santa brought us. It felt really magical and special to me. Probably my favorite part of Christmas! I never knew how much that would mean to me!

So as our kids get older and grow up and we get more we'll do the same thing. We'll pile them into someone's room turn on the movie and they'll have a giant sleepover! We want our family time together to be special and we're super excited to start this new tradition!

Let me know if you have any ideas to improve this Christmas Eve box! Next year will be even bigger since Madeline will be a lot older!

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