Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Real Moms

Does it absolutely drive you crazy when you read other blogs or see instagram updates of people's perfect lives? It drives me crazy. And it makes me feel like I have to put on some sort of farce and pretend my life is perfect. And it isn't. It so isn't. I've been pretty honest on here about how things have been going lately. But I thought I would give you a peak inside my life as a mom.

Real moms don't have perfect make up on, the perfect outfit, and high heals. They wear sweat pants, t-shirts covered in baby spit up, baby food, and hair pulled up so the baby can't pull it and NO make up on. 

Real moms don't always have a clean house. In fact most of the time our dishes are piled up in the sink. The trash seems to always need to be taken out. The laundry is piled up everywhere. Toys are scattered everywhere and I find Zack's socks everywhere!! 

Real moms break down from time to time. Maybe not as much as me... But they feel inadequate, feel like they are failures and that they aren't doing it right. You aren't alone. But I can promise you, your not a failure, and don't give up. 

Real moms know what's best for their babies. As scared as you are, as much as you think you don't know much. You are the one that knows what's best for them. You know your baby better than anybody. You can ask for advice, but ultimately you'll know what's best for your baby. 

Real moms that have children who demand their attention at the most inopportune time. When your about to make dinner, where you about to go to bed, when your about to eat dinner, when your about to watch a movie, when your wanting alone time, when your about to get in the shower, when your driving down the road. 

Real moms have a child attached to their hips at all time. You can't do anything without them. You go to the bathroom with them, you cook with them, you cosleep with them, you brush your teeth them, you put your make up on with them. 

Real moms don't care how tough motherhood is. This is the hardest, scariest, best job in the whole world. It's so demanding and sometimes I want to cry with how overwhelmed I am. And sometimes I cry because of how overwhelmed with love for my little girl. Real moms know the sacrifice they are making and they do it anyway and they love every minute of it!


  1. great post courtney! you know it's really tough being a young mom now that there is social media. it seems like everywhere you turn you are bombarded with perfectness. i'm glad i got through those years without seeing the supposed perfection everywhere. but it seems like you have figured it all out at such a young age. out of privacy to our loved ones we can't always be as open as we would like, so instead we post about the frivolous things in life because that is safer.

  2. You're the real deal, my friend. Love your blog, your honesty and your gorgeous little girl. Hit me up on chat if you ever need a friend!


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