Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Mommy moments

As a mom you get to experience so many amazing and great things when it comes to being a parent.

And then... you get the... not so great things about being a parent. 

So today I'm going to share with you some of my mommy moments. Good and bad.

Mommy Moment #1

The other night I was having the worst stomach pains ever. I just couldn't sleep because it hurt so bad. But it just so happen that Madeline picked that night to only want me and wouldn't sleep unless she was touching me. It was such a long night.

Move along to the next night. I finally thought "Man I'm going to bed tonight early!" Well I tried going to bed at 830 but Madeline kept crawling as fast and loud as she could into our bedroom. Crying. Wouldn't go to Zack at all. Finally about 10 we were able to get her to sleep.

And then... She woke up at 230 in the morning. Wanting to play. Would not go to sleep and refused to go to Zack. So I stayed up trying to get her back to sleep. At about 315 I got her to go back to sleep. And then I put her down and stood back up to walk back to bed and I hear:

"mom? mom? mom mom mom mom mom mom mom!!" As if trying to communicate "mom where you going? mom do you think your leaving me?!" MOM DON'T LEAVE! MOM!!!"

She didn't go back to sleep until 4. -_-

Mommy Moment #2

On Sunday our car was having some serious issues that needed to be taken care of ASAP so I was forced to go to church alone while Zack went to go get it taken care of.

Madeline fell asleep in the car just as we got to church. As I pulled her out she woke up. I tried in vain the rest of church to get her to go back to sleep.


She decided to cause chaos all during primary and would NOT go to sleep at all no matter how much I tried. 

Well then church got done and I walked out and put her in her car seat and she fell asleep the moment the final buckle got put on her! GAH!!!!!!!!!!! 

Mommy (other) Moments:

Pictures are worth a thousand words...

She hates her car seat so much she tries to get out of it ALL THE TIME! I never know what I'm gonna turn around to when it's time to pull her out. 

She also every time I put her in the car seat she arches her back and screams so I can't put her in it. I finally get her in and sometimes she'll be fine and sometimes she'll continue to cry. But every time I pull her out she'll arch her back trying to continue getting out. Even if she is dead alseep when I try to pull her out as soon as the buckles are undone she arches her back to get out.

Play time with mommy!

That's my head

So lovely!

Being a mom is so fun and awesome! But sometimes... I just want to pull my hair out...

She tried eating leaves the entire time I was trying to take a picture....

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