Wednesday, October 15, 2014


My heavens I've been such a debbie downer lately. What with talking about my depression, and then my anger weeks, and then being all mad because people kept asking me when I was having another baby. I just haven't been a happy person lately.

Zack blames it on the month of October. Which maybe it is... I don't know. But we've had some happy things happen over in the Bleyle household and it's high time I share the good parts of our life!!

// Zack finished his last day at WALMART!!! FINALLY!!! We celebrated him finally having a weekend off by going to the movie the Maze Runner. Such a good movie! We had so much fun!

// Zack got a new job obviously! We're very thankful that he did! Better pay, better benefits, better hours, time off. So we are just feeling extremely blessed!

 //We spent our LAST Saturday at soccer games for the season. 

 // Church selfie... hahaha. We spend 100% of our time in the foyer at church because Madeline loves to talk and run around and bother people. 

//Were finally getting over our sicknesses! I'm hoping were at the end of tunnel here. Because these colds SUCK! Madeline hasn't gotten them yet so I'm hopeful she won't get it. Crossing my fingers!!

//We took Madeline to the doctor yesterday, and I'm happy to report she is doing AMAZING!! Last time they were really worried about her weight but she is back on track. She's almost done with physical therapy maybe 1 or 2 more times (crossing our fingers!) she's finally gotten caught up with her shots! (poor baby...) 

Were feeling very thankful for all the blessings we are getting from our Heavenly Father. Despite our trials we are given we are very blessed to be where we are today!

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