Friday, September 12, 2014

Letters to my teenage self

As I was going through my old email address that I just use as junk mail now, I used to save all my emails that people sent me. I was so organized I categorized people with their own special folders and names :) Some people I look at and I have no idea who they are. Some special people they were ;) but as I was reading some of the emails, I realized something... I wish I could go back and tell myself things that I know now. So if I could this would be the letter I would write to my teenage self.

Dear Freshman Courtney:

Keep your chin up. Take a deep breath and keep praying. This will be one of the hardest years of your life, and you will find friends who will help you heal and show you how much Heavenly Father loves you. 

Stop chasing that boy. Nothing is going to come of that boy. You already went down that road and that ship has so sailed. It will be much better if you just got over him. 

Stop thinking your never going to get married and that your going to die by the age of 30! I don't want to die in 8 years! Nuh-huh, not happening. 

Enjoy your best friend. (You know which one I'm talking about) No, what your hoping is not going to happen. Not ever, but he's one of the only people that you can truly be yourself around. Keep smiling, and enjoy being that little flirt everyone knows you are ;)

I know you can do hard things!

Dear Sophmore Courtney,

Why do you have to keep getting yourself down! STOP IT! Stop with the drama, stop beating yourself up, stop being so depressing. Talk about it! Keeping it all in isn't helping you. Pretending all this crap didn't happen to you isn't going to help either.

Stop being so afraid. It's okay to be yourself. You are beautiful. You purposely have been trying NOT to get track attention. You don't wear make-up or where clothes that make you look like your an actual girl. C'mon now. It's very clear you are a girl! 

Also, just tell people how you really feel. This whole beat around the bush isn't helping. Because of that whole situation, your going to become a very blunt say it as it is person. Because you'll learn people NEVER listen or understand when you beat around the bush.

Stop dragging those boys along. You know the one you like, and he doesn't want you. GET OVER IT. It doesn't mean you should drag that other poor boy around that you've been dragging around for the last year and half. Please stop. That poor boy doesn't deserve it. Let him get over you. Your better off friends. He'll be one of your closest friends. Don't ruin it. But you will... 

Stop hurting those poor boys!

Dear Junior Courtney,

Oh jeez, so much happens this year, I don't know where to start...

Your whole world is going to fall apart this year. You'll lose all of your friends. You'll think that everything is over. But it all happens for a reason. Why? Because you'll finally meet the boy your suppose to marry! So suck it up!

This will be your favorite year. You'll have amazing friends that you can finally be yourself with. At the beginning of the year you'll start feeling like you aren't yourself anymore and that your changing. You won't know where you're going fit in at. But you'll find 2 amazing people who will change your whole life. Who will stick with you through thick and thin and you'll finally know, that's where you belong. You'll be happy.

Again, stop dragging those poor boys around. You know which ones like you, and stop getting jealous when Zack starts liking other girls and not you. It won't make any sense to you why your getting jealous, but you drag him around. Why he falls in love with you is beyond what I can see ;)

Enjoy this year, and again let go of the anger and forgive more easily. You know the person I'm talking about. He's still going to be a good friend to you, you should be nicer to him. 

Live that year up!

Dear Senior Courtney,

Yup, you found the boy who stole your heart for good. Stop with the drama and the constant fighting. You don't want to lose him! Why are you so dramatic?! Why do you have to fight with him all the time!

Stop spreading crap about people! Gosh! Stop talking about people. Just live your life. and branch out. If you would stop with the drama and talking about people you would have a much more enjoyable year. 

Stop making Zack regret he chose you woman. All though you have good times you two will regret being together your senior year. But you make it through. And somehow come out mostly unscathed.

You'll find some other boys who will turn your head and make you question your relationship with Zack. Just stop. They aren't as good as he is for you. Just. Stop! 

You've made it!

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  1. Man I wish I could go back and write letters like this to myself in high school. Definitely would have helped ha.


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