Thursday, August 7, 2014

The joys of parenthood.

So Zack posted something on facebook 2 days ago about how he got peed on and thrown up on simultaneously the other night and I just realized that it's just too funny of a story not to tell.

This is how Zack likes to hold Madeline. She loves it up there and it's so cute! Well Zack was holding Madeline like that and I was getting ready for bed when she spat up all over his hair. I was laughing because there was so much of it! He put her on the ground and just sat there bent over telling me to touch his hair. I could clearly see how much spit there was and I didn't want to touch it. But Zack wouldn't shut up about it, and I was brushing my teeth so I stopped and made a spitting noise so it sounded like I spat in Zack's hair.

He slowly looked at me in disbelief that I would actually spit in his hair which made me laugh harder and I told him I was just kidding I just wanted to see his reaction. WORTH IT!!! Ha! 

Anyways so I finished brushing my teeth and Zack picked up Madeline again and put her on his shoulder again. You would've thought he learned his lesson but sadly no. I was washing my face at this point and Zack looks at me and says "I always worry putting her on my shoulders because I'm worried she'll pee on me" Oh Zack....

 Anyways I just finished washing my face when I looked up and saw Madeline spat up on him again. Expect it missed his head this time and just went down on his shorts. I started laughing telling him it kind of looked like bird poop. Then all a sudden he states "Oh my gosh she got it on my neck! She got in on my neck!" I looked at him and said "no Zack it missed you landed on your shorts" then his eyes get wide and goes "SHE BETTER NOT HAVE PEED ON ME!" 

He takes her off his shoulder and sure enough. She peed though her diaper right on Zack's shoulders and neck. At this point I am dying of laughter and can't control it. Zack's all grumbling and telling Madeline off for it. 

Man it was a great night!! 

Seriously love these two!

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