Thursday, August 21, 2014

Motherhood. It's all that its cracked up to be

"your too young to be a mom and married"
"You don't know the first thing about being a mom"
"your just wasting your life away"
"These are suppose to be your selfish years and your wasting it on being married and a baby"
"You don't know what you got yourself into. Your going to regret it."

I'm sure lots of you have heard said statements above about how you got married too young and that it was a mistake and then making the bigger mistake of having a baby so soon as well.

Well let me tell all of you critics out there who thinks "I just wasted my life"

Your right, I don't get to go out and do what "normal" people my age would be doing. I don't get to go out to movies anymore because I have to find a babysitter since my daughter is too rambunctious for movies. Sure I don't get to eat dinner without it going cold or being dumped all over me. Your right, I don't get to be selfish anymore because I am now responsible for not only myself but for my husband and baby. I don't get to just do whatever I want to do at the drop of a hat. 

But since getting married this young and having a baby I've grown up a lot faster than a lot people my age would. Instead of getting to enjoy outings in peace in quiet I get to bring my child along with me and share those experiences with her. I get to watch her eyes light up as we go to a new place and watch her take it all in. 

I get to spend my days watching my daughter as she learns and grows. Instead of nights filled with drinking and partying and sleeping in. I get to watch her laugh, giggle, and explore. Instead of useless days filled with sleeping in, running around town trying to find things to do and causing havoc. I get to enjoy the little things with my baby. The small and simple things are the things she enjoys most.

You don't get to be you anymore. What?! Of course I get to be me. I'm still the silly, happy, crazy girl I've always been. I'm just a mom now and a bit more responsible. But I'm still silly and happy. I still dance around in my pj's singing Taylor Swift at the top of my lungs, I just got a baby now attached to my hip dancing and singing along with me. I can still put my sunglasses on and crank up the music (but not quiet as loud) and roll down the windows and sing in the car. I didn't lose my identity when I became a mom. I found it. 

People wonder if I'm grown up enough or able to handle being a mom this young. But I think it's actually easier. It's easier to chase around my daughter because I have the energy, I don't need as much sleep to function, I'm still agile and in shape enough to run, play, jump, laugh. I can get on the floor and crawl with her. My bones don't hurt and my body isn't slowly falling apart. We get to grow up together. Learn new things together.

It would be ideal to get an entire night of sleep. Trust me on that one. I would love to go an entire night not having to wake up at 2 in the morning to feed Madeline. But now she is slowly starting to sleep through the night. And it makes me sad inside how fast time is going. My baby doesn't sit still or really sleep much in our arms anymore. She's alert attentive and loves exploring. I get to go exploring with her and show her and teach her. The most rewarding thing I see is her try and try to figure something out and to see the sense of accomplishment on her face when she finally does it. 

No one knows what it'll be like when they are a mother and know how much love they can hold in their hearts until the are one. It's the most scary and rewarding thing ever. I created this beautiful human being and it's my responsibility to make sure they succeed in life. To me it seems silly to spend 8 hours a day at desk job when someone else is "raising" my baby. The best part of my day is when I get off work and walk through the door and watch my daughter's eyes light up when she sees me and the grin she gets and watch as her arms reach out to me. Because she wants me.  She needs her mom, just like you need your mom. Mothers are one of he most essential people in our lives. And I am blessed that I get to be one.

My daughter is 7 months old, she's crawling, happy, has the cutest personality, and is growing and learning so fast. The most rewarding part of my day is watching her grow and learn and master each new step she takes. I didn't have to give up anything to be a mom. I didn't know who I wanted to be and I was still searching for "me". The moment I saw those two lines I stopped searching for me. Because I found me and my sense of purpose in life. 

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  1. Love this!! Fortunately I have never had anyone told me I was too young to get married or to have a baby. It really confuses me when I hear people say that, especially because I think to myself why do they think they have the right to say how you are to live your life. Your baby is darling! So go you for having an awesome family!


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