Sunday, August 17, 2014

5 years!

Gosh that is so weird! 5 years! No we haven't been married for 5 years.... we started dating 5 years ago! Zack told me when we got married were not celebrating this anniversary anymore since he said he doesn't want to be responsible for remembering 2 anniversaries. But I think 5 years together is a big accomplishment. So we're celebrating it anyway! So Zack you can suck it up! ;) 

In honor of 5 loooonnnng years together. (just kidding) but no really here are some of my favorite moments!

My hands down favorite moment is the moment I realized that I liked Zack. We weren't dating yet, but it was awesome! I had just taken family pictures that day and I was your typical 17 year old that wanted to hang out with my friends instead of my family afterwards and I hadn't seen Zack in a while so I told him he could come over for a bit. I had no idea where he lived (little did I know he lived a few blocks away) so I assumed he would be driving to my house so I went to wait outside for him and I looked down the street and I saw this REALLY good looking guy that I had never seen before riding his bike down my street. And yup, I was checking him out ;) And imagine my surprise when Zack shows up! I stood there like an idiot for like 30 seconds with my mouth open wide. Talk about embarrassing.

family pictures from that day! Look how cute I was! ;)


That was a fun day. We went up to Zack's family cabin and went fourwheeling, chased each other around the cabin, and had a blast at the dance!!

Our first anniversary was fun, but not so fun at the same time. Zack moved a few days after our first anniversary to Colorado. But the actual day we went on his grandparents watercraft things. Soo fun!! I remember he was trying to chase the birds down and I was so scared we were going to get pooped on!

The day Zack moved back from Colorado! OF COURSE!! Gosh that was one of the best days of my entire freaking life!!! I remember him calling me from the car letting me know he was finally on his way to come home. HOME. Home to Utah, home where I was. He was finally coming HOME!! When he finally did pull up I ran outside and jumped on him and he gave me a giant hug!! BEST. DAY. EVER!

The day he came home!

Lake powell, The entire week!! :) So so fun!! Learning to wake board, watching Zack wake board, hanging with family, dancing like dorks, cliff jumping, tubing, late nights, rain storms in the middle of the night. Sharing a couch with Zack and Jace after said rain storm. Over all so fun!!

Ha. The day Zack proposed. That's really long. But all in all we went to all our favorite places around Utah and then at the end of the day he proposed. Sort of... ;)

The day we got engaged.

The day we spent three entire days together right after we graduated. 3 days of being inseparable!

Speaking of graduation, Our graduation night? SO. MUCH. FUN! We went to the graduation party and then got sick of it about 1 or 2 in the morning and then went back to Zack's house where we all fell asleep on the couch watching whatever movie they picked.

Visiting the family cabin. Every single time!

Of course the day we got married!!  :D :D :D

Going to a rockies game! Zack was so excited like a little kid and was very excited to explain everything to me ;)

Our first Christmas! I was sicker than sick but it was our first Christmas. LOVE!

Zack's 21rst birthday! He was so excited! I gave him 2 suprise parties. 2!!! Tha's cuz I'm an amazing wife!

Finding out we were going to be parents!!  This was a pretty special day for us. We really thought that we weren't going to be able to be parents. It was a few days after my 21rst birthday and we were freaking out because we we really thought we were. And then on May 3rd it was official! I think we both started laughing and freaking out. It was an amazing day.

The day we became parents 

We have so many more stories and fun times we had... I can't possibly name them all. But those were some of my favorite memories. :) I can't believe we've made it to 5 years, when Zack first asked me out he asked me if he thought we could make this work. And I said "I think we can, but just so you know this isn't anything serious, just for fun" Ha... That one sure bit me in the butt ;) here we are five years later, married for time and all eternity and parents to the cutest baby ever! So glad it wasn't "just for fun" Although, we sure did have a lot of fun times together!

I hope the rest of our lives are filled with laughter, happiness, fun time, being parents to more babies ;) finishing college, buying a house and so much more!

I love you Zackary and I'm grateful you chose me! Chose me to go on this awesome journey with you. It hasn't been easy but it's been so worth it. I love you to the moon and back. Happy anniversary baby!!! :*

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