Friday, July 18, 2014

Today I'm feeling sentimental

Maybe because I had THE worst dream last night. Zack cheated on me in my dream. He seemed totally okay with it. Didn't hide it at all. And we sat there casually in my dream discussing it. And then she came over and they started giggling together. And I got mad. Real mad in my dream. And extremely possessive. That's my husband not hers. And she can't have him. 

Then when Zack and I were getting ready for work today and I kept telling him how unfair it was that he cheated on me. And he kept saying "you can't punish me for cheating on you because it didn't happen!" Which I totally know is true. And I highly doubt that he would ever cheat on me. But still. And plus I'm so much cuter than the girl he cheated with ;) Why would he ever want to cheat on me? hahahaha Okay okay, moving on.

Anyways. I don't feel like I tell Zack how much I appreciate him and now much I love him enough. But I decided that since I feel all sentimental and I don't want him leaving me for another woman any time soon ;) that I'll show him all the reasons why he fell in love in the first place!

To Zack :) by Slidely Slideshow

I made it on I wasn't at home so I couldn't make a slide show. So this will have to do! If you want to look at it go ahead! Hope you enjoy it! I mainly made it for Zack! Hope you like it!

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  1. I've had a dream like that before, sometimes when it feels so real it's hard to separate it from reality! Glad to see you got sentimental though ;)


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