Monday, July 21, 2014

Things I wish I would've known before....

After you have a baby there is so many things that you wish someone would've told you before you had a baby. Like I wish someone would've told me more about breastfeeding, more about postpartum recovery, about episiotomy's,  postpartum depression, how your body changes after, the first doctor's appointment, ect. 

So I decided that every week I'm going to start posting things I wish I would've known before I had to go through it myself and wing it. Just so I can help others in my same situation.

Today's topic... Doctors appointments! 

For adults doctors appointments are easy. You schedule the appointment, you make sure you have work off and then you show up to the appointment. 

Well with babies it's completely different. So here's my advice for those doctors appointments with your baby. Especially if they are getting shots!

1. Make sure you have nothing else scheduled that day. Seriously though. I took Madeline to her 2 month appointment and we had a WIC appointment that morning and then we had a doctors appointment and then we had to go back to the WIC place later that day. So Madeline was pretty much stuck in her car seat the whole day. Not a happy camper she was.

2. Schedule the doctors appointments after nap and feeding times. I say this because again at Madelines 2 month appointment she fell asleep just as we got to the WIC place and she had to get measured and all that stuff, so first missed nap. Then she fell back asleep just as we got to the doctors office and had to get woken up again so second missed nap. So we had a very very cranky baby. And then we gave her shots so she missed her 3rd nap because she got shots, then had to get back in her car seat so we could back over to the WIC place. And she did nothing but scream when we were at the WIC place. So naps are so crucial! 

3. Find some tricks that work good for your baby to help them feel at ease. The second time we got shots I read if you blow in their face just as the needle goes in it surprises them enough they don't notice as much. She hardly cried at all! But if that doesn't work then you can find a quiet spot and feed them, give them a good hug and soothe them afterwards! 

4. Tell the nurse just to dart it in! Goodness! The 4 month appointment we went to we had an awesome nurse she just quickly put the needle in and pushed it. At the 6 month appointment the nurse was AWFUL! First she made me hold down Madeline, then she slowly put the needle in and took her sweet time with the other 2 shots. So it was so tramatic! I was mad!

5. Make sure you keep there legs kicking. if they don't kick there legs as much do it for them. That way they won't be as sore. Also, make sure you massage the area so it doesn't get knots. 

6. Tylenol Tylenol Tylenol! Stay on top of that Tylenol!

Every baby is different. As long as Madeline has her naps the shots aren't that bad! 

This was later that day after Madeline got her 6 month shots! Smiling and happy! And that was even after I had to hold her down and the nurse dragged it out! And even when I was massaging her thighs the next day she was giggling because it tickled! 

This was the day Madeline got her 2 month shots. After I dragged her all across 2 cities all day. Her facial expression is funny but she was seriously not happy at all that day. But hey since she missed all 3 of her naps she slept the entire night! ;)

But like I said every baby is different. Some babies it's not so bad and other babies its terrible. But hopefully some of these tips will help you at your babies doctors appointment! Good luck! ;) 

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