Thursday, July 10, 2014

6 months!!

I've got like 4 blog posts I need to write. But I decided to go with this one first!

My baby is 6 months old! That one I can't believe has actually happened!

So here are the stats on this cutie for this month!

-Madeline has figured out how to reach for people. She now can decide if she wants to go to someone or not. If she does she'll reach her hands towards you. If she doesn't she'll either swat your hand away or just look at you, or cling to the person holding her (usually me)
-She is now very clingy to me. Like she never wants me to set her down, or give her to strangers, or people she doesn't like. And most of the time doesn't want to go to Zack. Ha.
-She has gotten stranger anxiety now
-She as of yesterday can whine. Its a really funny sound, but at the same time is really annoying.
-Mastered the fake cry
-is now rolling over from stomach to back, to back to stomach like a pro
-She's scooting a little bit
-Can pretty much sit up all by herself but because of her torticollis she topples over frequently to that side.
-can walk when you hold her hands
-can eat table food and baby food like a champ!
-hates hates hates her car seat
-loves to play with toys
-She eats a ton!!

The fake cry

Zack is holding her back because she would get so excited she would jump and then face plant.

So we had to lay her down instead of her 6 month picture

Sitting up like a pro!

And I loved this fourth of July picture!

I know I always say this but honestly? These past 6 months have flown by. I used to tell people "Oh I just had a baby" Then like 3 weeks ago I was sitting there going "I didn't just have a baby! She's almost 6 months old!!" Which is so sad to think about. She's getting so smart and so big! I can't believe how fast she is growing! 

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