Thursday, June 12, 2014

When your just not that crafty

Pinterest is awesome, but ttterrribbbllee at the same time. I see things on there and go "wow, I could do that!" then I proceed to do it and it doesn't end up the way it's suppose to. And I never post my "attempts to be crafty" because it's honestly pitiful! But I thought I would help all of you out there and show you some of my pinterest fails!

So the latest one is I attempted to make a maxi skirt! Yup because I noticed that they cost like 40 bucks with tax sometimes and I was no way in heck going to pay that for a maxi skirt. So here is the tuturoial I found!

Seemed pretty simple when I first looked at it... So we went out and bought the material and everything came back and laid it on the floor... and that's when things started to go south. 

See me and Whit were making these skirts with three children running around. A three year old, a 8 month old who can crawl and a 4 month old who can roll, oh and a dog. So I didn't look at the picture close enough. If I would've noticed that she cut the skirt from the middle to the edges and not just where the folds where Things wouldn't have been that bad. But guess what I also didn't have a pattern. So.. we took our measurements and pinned where we need to cut. And then we cut!

Mine was super long! Like I over shot how tall I was? Whitney's was super short.. like we took an extra few inches off? I swore we measured! And then we started sewing... 

I just bought a sewing machine and I was anxious to try it out. But guess what my sewing machine kept eating my fabric!! The practice ones would go good and then I started sewing my skirt and then it would get caught and then I had to cut my material!! But eventually we got it sewn. 

Then I noticed that I had a freaking hole in my skirt! So I went and sewed over the hole. Then I would finish and it would unravel even with the back stitch! So then I went over 6 different times. And it finally didn't unravel. Same with Whitney's. She got the same hole in the same spot!! So then I finally put it on and it was still suuupperr long and for some reason WAY to big! Even though we measured. So I cut the bottom of it like 3 times and it's still super long and it's crooked! And since I'm a beginner beginner sewer I don't know how to take it so I just left it. And pinned it on the inside. And took it home. 

Whitney's ended up way too short, and way too small! I promised we measured these things!! We started laughing uncontrollably when we finished and tried it on! It turned out to be a fail.

So on Sunday I wore it to my brothers eagle court of honor (that post is yet to come!) The part where I had the hole that I sewed over 50 thousand times? Yup... it's starting to unravel!! Mother of all that is holy! So now there is two tiny holes... I just can't win.
Moral of the story? Just pay the 40 bucks for the skirt if your not a sewer. 

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