Monday, June 16, 2014


All weekend all I was thinking about was hate. Why people hated me, why they couldn't just like me. Why people were so cruel. Why people had to show me over and over again that they hated me. But then yesterday, as I was hanging out with my family. I felt LOVE and knew that it didn't matter who hated me and why they hated me. I needed to stop dwelling on it and focus on LOVE. So that's what this post is about. All the love I felt yesterday.

//I felt love yesterday as my dad was telling me all these funny stories. And everybody was getting along and laughing. There were not feelings of animosity. Just love!

//I felt love yesterday at sacrament meeting as my cute niece Sophi was giving me kisses and giving Maddie kisses

//I felt love in Primary when one of the kids came up to me to show me their art work they did for their dads.

//I felt love yesterday when my husband offered to massage my broken shoulder

//I felt love from Zack's family when they talked to me and made me feel like I was apart of the family and that what I had to say really mattered.

//I felt love from Madeline yesterday with each smile and giggle she made.

//I felt a love from my bishop as he asked me about how my day was and how my family was doing

//I felt a love from my Heavenly Father seeing everything He has blessed me with.

I take so much for granted everyday. I need to start seeing the good in everyday instead of pondering and dwelling on the bad. I need to be more grateful for the things in life instead of being upset at the things I don't have. Life is so good! And I am so blessed by Heavenly Father. We shouldn't take for granted the little things that are good in life. Because one day it's going to be the little things that matter.

So someone stole your parking spot at the grocery store, or cut you off, or that one person who just annoys you said something mean about you. Or that you can't go on that dream vacation yet. Or that you don't have a house or cable or that you just barely making it each day.

Instead indulge yourself in the little giggles your baby makes, or all the funny faces she makes throughout the day. Laugh instead of getting mad about all the stupid things someone does. Instead of putting your child in the room to play go in there and play with them they will only be little once. Take a chance. Eat the cake. Fall in love all over again. Try a new recipe. Go to a park, feed the ducks.

Just do something everyday that makes YOU happy. And find something each day that was good instead of thinking about all the bad things in life. Because there is good in each and everyday. :) 

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