Friday, June 20, 2014

Life Lately

I feel like I'm in a funk right now. There is SOOO much going on in our lives right now. So I'm just going to put it all in one giant blog post for now!

-When did my baby get so big! Sitting in a high chair, eating food! I'm grateful were on WIC but our last WIC appointment we told them we started her on baby food and they said we can start her on baby meat. And then we went to the doctor 2 days later and he said only do cereal... or do the vegetables. Man confusing! But we only do baby food every couple of days. And that's when I'm eating dinner and she's awake at the same time. Usually I try to eat dinner while she is sleeping so I can enjoy my food. But yeah... 

-Speaking of this little girl. We've been watching her head very closely since the day she was born. Its been slightly off for awhile. And the doctor has been super worried about it. But ever since she has been able to hold her head up it's gotten ten times better. However it hasn't fixed it self completely so we have to see a specialist soon :( I'm a little bummed about that.

-We've been hanging out with family and enjoying the nice weather. We went to the parade and the Orem Summer Fest last week. It's a tradition in our family! But this year it was SO COLD! We also went to the fireworks. I was a little nervous taking Madeline to them because at the parade a car revved it's engine really loud. Scared her so bad that she stopped breathing there for a minute. But once the fireworks started she got super excited. And loved it! 

-We also celebrated Friday 13th! (Of course!) We had a pajama party and watched House at the End of the Street over at my parents house. It was a lot of fun. And Madeline fell asleep at the beginning of the movie so that was good :)

-I love playing with this little girl. And she loves to look at herself in the mirror or my camera phone. I have a million pictures of us on my phone just from us playing with the camera. This is what we did yesterday for like an hour. I make a funny face and she stares at herself. And then when she gets tired of that we sit in front of the mirror so she can stare at herself some more. What a narcissist ;)

-I've been trying so hard to work out the last few weeks. But haven't been able to. Why? Because look at this face!! I had to stop doing insanity because it was mostly cardio and it was hard to do that and keep Madeline entertained that long. So we switched over to Jillian Michaels and since it's slower pace and more body resistance and things like that I can play with Madeline and work out at the same time! 

-Another reason why I had to stop working out is because I tore my rotator cuff over Memorial weekend! Yup. How awesome is that?! Actually it's been torn for awhile. Just a little tear. Nothing too bad. And it would only bother me when I played piano for too long. And then over Memorial weekend I tried to lift up my parents table all by myself and then RIP! There it went. So I took a percoset I had left over from child birth that night and the next day went to the doctor. Where she said I had a torn rotator cuff BUT I only tore 2 of the 4 muscles. So there is a chance I might not need surgery. So I've been taking anti-inflammatory the past few weeks to see if it's going to get better. And it hasn't. So I made an appointment to see a specialist. So this Monday I get to find out how bad it is and what were going to do about it! I also can't lift anything with my right arm until further notice. So it's been a pain lugging everything around with left arm. And I can't do any work outs that would have anything to do with my arm.... So it's been quite the challenge!

-I went to the dentist this week. First time in 2 years! Ha! It's because I got married and had a baby and life just caught up to me... Also, because the last time I went in they said I would need a root canal so I've been putting it off... for 2 years. Then I went in and yup. My front tooth is officially dead and I'm getting a root canal next week! Lets just say next week is a very packed week full of appointments. I'm not happy that I need a root canal and have to put a crown over my front tooth :( boo....

-Also I'm in dire need of a hair cut. So hopefully that will happen soon!

-Zack's looking for a new job that has better hours and better benefits and better pay. If anyone knows anywhere that's hiring! Let us know!

-4th of July is coming up and I'm getting pretty excited! It's my favorite holiday! Madeline has a cute new outfit to celebrate with! 

Anyways. That's what's been going on lately! After next week I'll give you another update on EVERYTHING  that happened at all of our various appointments!

Have a fantastic weekend! 

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  1. You got your links in the menu to work! Yayyy!!
    Also, Madeline is SO CUTE. I could stare at pictures of her all day :)


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