Tuesday, May 20, 2014

This totally awesome quilt I made

I'm not a real crafty person. No really. If the craft takes more than 20 minutes I would get bored and hurry and finish it and all my projects turned out like crap. 

BUT since having a baby I have learned patience and I made a quilt for Madeline's bed! Yup I sure did! And knowing me that would surprise you because whenever we did sewing projects for young women I would seem so enthusiastic but mine would never turn out the way the other girls did and I honestly didn't care how it turned out. So they were all mediocre. But thanks to Zack's awesome, ever so patient grandma, I made this quilt with her directing me! 

So here is this quilt I made!

So this was when I was piecing it together. We cut out each square and then put it in the order we wanted and sewed every single square together. 

It took a very long time. And was slow going because I didn't want to screw it up. 

But then 7 hours later.... I finished the top part of the quilt!!

Then yesterday we spent the rest of the day tying it and sewing it all around by hand... twice!! Twice. So that took the longest part. Sewing it by hand. twice. But here it is all finished!

All finished!

I love the colors on it! That light  pink next to the blue... thats minky. Minky is so hard to sew with. So cute with it but a nightmare to sew. So sewers beware! And the whole back is minky that is why I had to sew it by hand all the way around! It likes to slide and stretch and catch on things when you are sewing.

It was so worth every hour! And Madeline loves it! It was hard but so worth it! I love Zack's grandma for teaching me how to make it and letting me steal her supplies to make it! You are amazing grandma Frandsen! We absolutely love you!

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