Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Goal time!

I think goals are nice. Except I have a problem. I make a goal and I NEVER stick to it.

I want to make a fitness goal and actually accomplish it. I had a baby almost 5 months ago and I've lost 25 pounds but I still have 15-20 pounds to go until I get to my prepregnancy weight. Yes... I gained a lot of weight when I had a baby. However 10 of that was all baby. and another 5 was all the fluid. But still. I want to get where I was a year ago.

The day I found out I was pregnant 

Our Christmas party 37 weeks pregnant.

I've been told it's always the hardest after you have a baby. And I look at some women who the weight just fell off and I was mad. And that obviously isn't happening for me so I need to do SOMETHING to lose the weight. 

I started insanity 2 months ago but only did it for 2 weeks. Why I stopped doing it? Because I would work out at 5 at night and sometimes she would be awake and sometimes she would be asleep. Most of the time I could only do about 20 minute workouts. So I stopped. So I needed to find something that was still going to help me get results. But something that wasn't an hour long. 

So I got some Jillian Michaels dvd's. It's nice because it's not all cardio like insanity is. Well the kickboxing one is. But the killer buns and thighs is mostly resistance training and its not so high intensity that I can't entertain Madeline at the same time! So on the days that Madeline is sleeping I do the kick boxing and the days that Maddie is awake I do the killer buns and thighs. And trust me! It's a killer! I felt more burn than I did with insanity. 

Some workouts I've realized just work better for some people than others! So I'm holding myself accountable on here for my goals! If anything I want to feel better about myself! 

I've already hit an obstacle... I have a medical condition that is going to make this harder. But I'll do that post another time... 

So here are my week 1 results! I'm pretty excited to start this!

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