Thursday, May 15, 2014

4 months old!!

Well Maddie now is 4 months old!! She is learning soo much now! Some of the things she can do now!

-She can officially roll over. And loves it
-She can hold her head up and isn't wobbly anymore
-She is now starting solids! She's tried rice cereal and just tried oatmeal yesterday and loves it!
-She is slowly learning to crawl. Yup at 4 months. She's got the feet part all she needs to know is how to move those arms! Crazy!
-still loves to talk
-She can giggle! She makes you work for it... but she will giggle!
-Still happy all the time!
-She loves when you sing the song popcorn popping. You know the primary song? Yup! That one!
-She loves to give people kisses.

You know how I got her to smile for this picture? Popcorn popping song!

Giving me kisses.

She is getting so big! And we are excited to see her growing so much! We just love her!

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