Monday, April 14, 2014

Our super duper fun filled weekend

hahaha. That title! Kills me!

Anyways! We had such a fun weekend! I didn't get very many pictures but just know it was super! 
Friday felt like Saturday. I went in to work and then you know I get done at 11 so I had the whole day ahead of me. 

First thing we did, giant family outing to costco. And when I say giant it took 2 cars to get all of us up to costco! 

Then we decided we were going to go fishing at salem ponds! That was a ton of fun! Everyone fished and we brought a kite, the wind wasn't blowing much so I spent my time running up and down the sidewalk trying to get the kite to fly with Sophi running behind me. 

Oh and I got a tan. Not much but it's a start!

On Saturday morning we had no soccer so we were pretty much free to do whatever. So me, my mom, and dad, and of course Madeline drove up to diamond fork to find some camp grounds. Yay for camping season! 

Then we all decided we had to go with my parents to walmart to pick up T some undergarments. hahaha. I'm sure that's EXACTLY what he wanted. We again had to take 2 different cars to get us all there. On the way to Walmart it was me, Maddie, T, and AJ and my mom in the truck and we had a blast turning up the radio and singing songs. On the way home we did the same thing singing at the top of my lungs freaking my dad and everyone in his car out. 

Then that night we had a campfire in my parents backyard where we roasted hot dogs and ate s'mores. mm... S'more season is back!

And they were delicious! 

On Sunday we had a BBQ at my parents house where we got to play with Matt and Whit's new dog Theo! 

And that was our weekend.... :) Happy Monday y'all!

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