Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Don't forget to fall asleep!

I have a problem. And it seems that this problem is getting worse and worse....

Let me make a confession:

I sleep talk.

Yeah. I sleep talk.

I never knew how bad it was until I got married. I even sleep text. Yup you heard that right. I sleep text as well. 

When Zack and I were dating. I would always fall asleep while texting him (of course) and he would always text me a sweet goodnight text message. So when I sleepily woke up at 3 in the morning to look at it, I would text him back. Except I wasn't awake enough to know what was really going on... So I would text him what I was dreaming of... 

Instance #1: Zack texts Courtney a goodnight text
Courtney wakes up at 3 in the morning and looks at her phone.
Courtney's thought process at 3 in the morning.
"wow that's nice I better text him back" So I do.
I wake up in the morning and REALLY look at my message and I see this.
"Me too, vampires suck."
WHAT THE CRAP?! Vampires suck?!
So I call Zack and he gets a good laugh...

Instance #2: The next night after the vampire sucks text message.
Same sort of thing happens as the night before. I fall asleep, and Zack texts me goodnight.
I wake up and I text Zack trying to be cute like him... again. 
I wake up the next morning and look at my messages and I see this:
"oh my gosh! A beaver just bit my leg!"
Yeah... a beaver bit my leg. I'm not making this up. So again I called Zack and he laughs even harder.

I did this for a third night except I can't remember the text message I sent him that time. I finally just stopped texting him back because obviously its bad for me. 

Lets fast forward to when Zack and I get married. 

It was a few weeks after we had gotten married and this is how this night went down.

Instance #3: Zack comes back from the bathroom late at night. I sit up and turn and get real close to his face and state:
"Is that your real name or is that just want you want me to call you?"
Then I roll over and fall back asleep.

Now I like to mumble in my sleep so I'll say weird things in my sleep but I can't remember all of them. So here is some bigger instances

Instance #4: About a month ago Zack comes to bed and I turn to him and ask him:
"Did you like the oreo's?"
Zack: "What oreos?'
Courtney: "The oreo's from the oreo man!"
Next morning...
Zack: "who's the oreo man?"
Courtney: "The who? I don't know an oreo man..."
Zack proceeds to tell me the story. Gets a good laugh.

Instance #5: A week ago. Zack comes in and puts Madeline in her pack and play after she falls asleep. She starts to fuss so I lean over to look at her. Zack starts to ask me some questions. To which I respond by either mumbling or just staring at him. So he just takes her and has her sleep in between the two of us. 
I wake up at about 2 in the morning and look in the bassinet. And Madeline isn't in the bassinet like she's suppose to be, so I freak out. I lean over at Zack and there they are together. I go back to bed confused. Next morning I ask Zack what he's doing with Madeline. He states that I told him to take Madeline. I have no recollection of this.

Instance #6: 3 days ago. Zack is out in the family room with Madeline watching TV. I'm asleep in bed because I have to get up early. But I get out of bed and find Zack in the living room and say:
"Don't forget to fall asleep!" and I put my hands together and put them under my head (making the asleep motion) and turn around and go back to bed.

So now it's escalating. I'm sleep walking. So now Zack thinks that we  need a bell on the door so I don't go running over to my brothers house bothering them while I'm sleep walking.

Clearly we have a problem. 

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  1. Haha! very funny. I had a good laugh. I do the same things! The night after my husband and I were married we're asleep and I sit straight up and say "stop talking to her and switch me places!" so of course he switches sides with no questions. I was very confused the next morning when I was somehow on the other side of the bed.
    A couple weeks ago I started poking him in the night and when he woke up I said "look at that nose!" and went back to sleep. :)
    Thanks for sharing!


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