Wednesday, April 9, 2014

3 months old!

Yesterday Madeline turned 3 months old! She is learning so much now. I feel like everyday she learns something new.

Some of the new things she can do:
-She can lift her head off the ground and hold it there when laying on her tummy. She used to just stick her face in the ground. She still isn't exactly steady but she's getting there.
-She can roll over. She hasn't quite mastered it yet. But she can roll. Sometimes her arm gets stuck so she can't move but she's a rolling now!
-She giggles now and then. We haven't heard a fully belly laugh yet but we hear little chuckles now and then. 
-She takes about 2 naps a day and only wakes up twice a night to eat if she wakes up at all. At 330 and at 6. 
-I finally grew up and we started putting Madeline in the bassinet next to our bed to sleep in at night. I may or may not wake up once an hour to check and make sure that she's breathing ;)
-She's still very vocal. And she'll sit there and yell at you if your not doing what she wants.
-She won't take a pacifier now. She prefers to suck on her hand or my finger. 

And that's our little Madeline!

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