Wednesday, April 16, 2014

10 reasons why I loooovvveeee Zack!

Zack mentioned yesterday that I never write about him on this blog anymore. (Sorry Zack!) It's not that I don't want to... It's just that we hardly see each other. He mostly works from 11-8 and I get up early and leave for work and he's off to work before I get off. And then I'm off to bed shortly after he gets home. But I think that I need to do a post just for him ;) So Zackary here ya go!

Here are 10 reasons why I absolutely love Zack!

1. Zack always always listens. No matter what I go on and on about he will always listen. He truly shows me he cares when he sits there and listens to what I have to say. Recently there has been a certain subject that he really would rather not talk about because it's pretty much all we talk about... but you know, a girls got a vent! ;) and what's great is that he'll listen anyways. Clearly I need to be a better wife on this one!

2. Zack's a great dad and husband. After Zack gets home from work he is absolutely exhausted. But he'll come home take Madeline and watch her while I take a nice warm shower and get ready for bed. And then he'll stay up with her and put her to sleep so I can get some rest. He even feeds her at night! I know ladies, I picked a winner!

3. He is just a good person. There has been some hurtful things that have happened recently, and instead of going on about how hurt he is or upset he is that a certain situations happened he just moves along. He is always trying to see the best in people. He really helps me realize that I need to be more like him.

4. He's always on my side. Just as a husband should be. Were a team and we will not let anything come between us. When there is something that happens and it starts to become between us we talk it out and try our best to get it out so it doesn't affect our marriage.

5. He helps me be a better person. No really. Zack is an idealistic person. He looks for the good in people. I'm a realistic type of person. I think of the worst possible scenario that could happen and that is exactly what I think will happen. Zack helps me see the good in life and the good in situations.

6. Zack is usually the first to apologize. Again this just shows how awful of a wife I am... But in all honesty it's usually him that will break down and apologize. Even if he did nothing wrong. We are both really stubborn and this is why Zack is better. He'll give up his pride to apologize because our marriage is more important than who is right. I guess I need that saying for my house "marriage is a relationship in which one person is right, and the other is the husband" haha just kidding. Zack is right most of the time. ;) sshhh... don't tell him that!

7. He loves me unconditionally. I could be the crankiest rudest person ever and he would still love me. Like yesterday when I kept trying to literally kick him off the bed. I was being cranky and he was just laughing and joking about it. He loves me even at my worst. 

8. He can make me smile. Like I said in number 7, if I'm cranky and being really mean he'll try to make me smile. Or laugh. He'll do whatever he can to get me to laugh.

9. He supports me in everything I do. Even my wildest craziest dreams. If I told him I wanted to be a professional singer like Taylor Swift he would help me achieve me dreams. Thankfully I'm more realistic in my dreams so that helps him be way more supportive!

10. He is the greatest guy I have ever met. Since the moment we met he has always made me feel like the most important girl ever. I always knew I could talk to him about anything and he would never judge me. He loves me for me and he knows everything about me. He is my knight and shining armor and I wouldn't trade him for anything. Madeline and I are very lucky girls to have him in our lives! We love him to the moon and back!

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