Monday, March 10, 2014

2 months old!

Oh my goodness. I know I always say this but seriously 2 months has flown by! I cannot believe it! Here's some things that Madeline has mastered!

-She's sooo happy! Smiles a lot! 
- She is very very vocal! Yesterday we were at my parents house and we were all laughing and talking loud. Every time my dad would laugh or talk she felt the need to talk as well. Then we started watching Harry Potter and was watching it and talking to the TV. 
-She knows who she likes. I've noticed the people she likes she'll smile at and talk to them. The people she doesn't like she'll either just fall asleep or cry or just lay there like a dead fish. 
-She likes it when you talk to her. 
- She tries her hardest to crawl but can't because she can barely lift her head off the floor. But tummy time does get interesting!
-Yesterday I was playing with her and she started to chuckle! It wasn't anything loud. It was like a one second chuckle. But it is getting me excited that she'll laugh soon!

Funny story time:

Yesterday I got out of the shower and Zack and Madeline were laying on the bed. I walked over to look at them and then turned to walk away when I stubbed my toe on the bed! Not just stubbed but full on jammed my toe. It swelled up so fast. I started yelling ow really loud. Which then Madeline started to do her little scream she does when she wants her mom. So Zack handed her to me and she started cooing at me and then giving me baby kisses. Sooo cute!! 

A few days ago Madeline got hungry at her usual time, 5 am. I usually make Zack feed her at 5 since I have to get up soon after that. So Zack was feeding her and then she blew out her diaper. So then he changed her. At that point Madeline was WIDE awake. And decided that instead of going back to bed she wanted to sit there and talk to me and Zack. It's cute and all when she's talking but at 530... not so fun. Finally I got up to get ready for work and she sat there talking to Zack. Zack ignored her and finally she just got mad and started screaming at him to wake up! He eventually got up with her and she was fine after that. 

smiling at grandma

Being a stinker!

These two are seriously best buds! 
I can't wait to see what this month has in store for us! 

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