Monday, February 24, 2014

It's about time for an update!!

It's hard to believe that my little baby is going to be 2 months old in about a week and a half! Seriously it's flying by! 

I went back to work today. It was really hard to leave Madeline. But usually she eats at 630 in the morning and then she sleeps until about 10ish. So I'm really not missing out on much. But I do miss cuddling with her in the morning.... It's really sad. 

Anyways! Update on the baby since that is what you all want to know!!

Madeline loves her hands. She found her hands a few weeks ago and is completely obsessed with them. I think her favorite thing to do is smack someone in the face when we don't feed her fast enough. 

Madeline also has got this new thing. She loves laying on peoples shoulders but now that she has some neck control she loves to throw her head back. And basically gives us all a heart attack because we're not prepared and we almost drop her. It makes her scream because it scares her so bad.... Totally her fault though.

She got a cold this week. I was freaking out when I first noticed she was getting one. Thinking it was RSV. I took her to my mom to look at her to let me know if I needed to spend 60+ dollars going to the doctors. My mom was at work that night and there just so happened to be a doctor there that night that was happy to take a look at her and let us know that it was only a cold!

She has gotten more smiley lately! Especially in the morning time! I love when she smiles at me. I think the most we can get her to smile is when we put on music (definitely my child!) and we sing along with it. She LOVES it!

Madeline now doesn't mind taking a bath. She no longer screams. It's making excited that she might just start liking baths here soon! She absolutely loves cuddling up in her towel after her bath! I mean seriously look at that face!

Hopefully she'll be getting blessed next week (each time we have went to talk to the bishop he hasn't been there so hopefully we'll be able to do it this Sunday...) since our apartment doesn't have a ton of space we are only inviting our immediate families and our grandparents. Sorry to everyone else out there! But we just don't have room... I'll post pictures of her in her outfit though!

Madeline also is getting more vocal lately. The first few weeks after she was born she was this quiet little baby. Hardly ever cried. She still doesn't cry a ton. Like when she is hungry in the middle of the night she'll just get super wiggly and sniff. The only time she really cries is at night between 8-11 and its because she's tired but doesn't want to sleep. It can range anywhere from 5 minutes to 4 hours. But the 4 hours has only happened once. On average she cries for about 2 hours off and on. So not soo bad.

Zack and I went on our first date last week without Madeline. She was such a good little baby. :) I think it helps the fact that I'm over at my parents house like every day so it's like her second home and she absolutely loves it there.

update on the boring people ;)

I went back to work (obviously since I stated that above). I only work part time from 7-11 which works out nicely since Zack works 11-8. Basically we don't ever see each other... But hey you do what you can to provide for your family. We are looking into jobs, school and we have some major changes coming soon! Stayed tuned!!

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