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Madeline's birth story

I don't know about you but when I was pregnant I read everything I could get my hands on when it comes to birth and pregnancy. So I thought for others and for myself here are the details (not too much detail) of Madeline's birth. And don't feel obligated to read all of it. It's more for my sake than anything. 

January 7th had come. It was my due date and I was very sad that I was probably going to go over my due date. I had written this post about finally hitting my due date.

Well I went into work sad... I had a doctors appointment scheduled for the next morning to talk about getting induced in the days to come. I was actually okay with it because the end was finally in sight and I wasn't going back to the hospital again until it was really it. So I thought induction was the best thing to do. 

I left work early that day like I have been doing for the last few weeks of my pregnancy. Sitting in those chairs for 8 hours being that pregnant really hurts. I went to my parents house to spend some time there and then went home that afternoon. I started cleaning up the house in hopes that in the next day or two I would be bringing home baby. 

I made some delicious dinner ;) okay it was pretty simple but that's okay and started finishing up the thank you cards from my shower. I had cleaned out the tub earlier and it really started making my back hurt. But you know, back pain was just the norm so I thought nothing of it. 

Finally by 8 I was ready for bed and Zack gave me a little back massage to help me fall asleep. At about 10:15 I felt my back pop and thought "finally that feels better!" and then felt this little trickle. I sat there for a second going "did I really just pee my pants?" and stood up pretty fast. And then the gush started and I was completely soaked. I ran to the bathroom and it just kept coming out. Geez. Zack started running around like a mad man making sure we had everything while I tried to get some clean clothes. Not much help that was.

We drove to the hospital and when we got there the hospital was obviously closed except that one area with the security guard. We ran inside while I was hunched over grabbing at my pants that clearly looked like I peed. Zack and I were laughing pretty hard at how silly we must've looked.  The security guard was all "can I help you?" All I said was nope were going to have a baby see ya!" We got upstairs and answered some questions for the lady at the Labor and Delivery area. And walking with your water broken really really sucks. But nobody there took notice. 

My nurse was so awesome. She made me feel completely at ease and I was very confident that things were going to go well. She did the strip test to see if it really was my water and it was! We were officially going to stay! They got me all hooked up to my IV and I got to rest peacefully for a few hours. I had contractions but they didn't hurt like everyone said they were. They checked me when we got there, I were at a 2 and still 80% effaced 

At about 2 am, 4 hours later they checked me again. I was at a 3, I didn't progress as fast as they wanted me to so they put me on pitocin. I was not thrilled and the nurse could tell. I told her I was worried about the pain and she reassured me she would just do a low dose since I was progressing. So they got me hooked up on that stuff and then the pain started. And boy oh boy did it hurt. Zack was sleeping peacefully as he could on the little pull out couch and I was in serious pain. But I was silent as to not wake Zack and I was hoping the nurse would show back up soon so I could request and epidural. Zack woke up to see how much pain I was in and since I was so adamant about not calling the nurse he did it for me and the anesthesiologist had just shown up and came right in! FYI I totally recommend getting an epidural! But I'll say more on that later. 

I was able to get about an hour of sleep when the nurse came in and said the baby's heart beat kept dipping with the contractions. So they put an internal monitor in to measure how strong the contractions were. But after they did that her heart rate stayed steady and she was fine! They also at that point checked me again and I was at a 5. So we were getting somewhere!

The nurses had shift change and I got my new nurse. She checked me around 7 and I was at a 7! I couldn't believe how fast it was finally going now. And then she checked me at 8 o'clock and they said I was finally a 10 and fully effaced! They let me do what they call "rest and descend" which is where they let you rest for a little to move the baby down into position to not tire you out as much. 

At about 9:15ish they let me start pushing. And I felt SO STUPID! I had no idea what I was doing and I kept telling my nurse and the student nurse who was shadowing her that I had no idea what I was doing. But apparently I was doing it right... so... The nurse told me that since I'm so small that I was probably going to need an episiotomy or tear. I really didn't want one of those either but given those choices... 

She called the doctor in about 10 to come "catch the baby" Apparently they were getting worried since I was pushing really hard and she would not move under my pelvic bone. Finally they told me she was right there. I kept pushing. It was funny because all I wanted was a drink of water and something to eat since I hadn't eaten since 5 the night before. So my incentive of getting her out was a nice big glass of water. 

My epidural worked really great until it was time to push and then I could feel the contractions on the left side of my back and the front. Which was helpful since at one point they pulled the internal monitor out and it was solely up to me to tell everyone when it was time to push. So that was kind of cool. 

Finally I gave one last final push and she was out! At 10:39 a.m she was finally here! When she did come out all anyone said was "whoa, that's a big baby" I had no idea what that meant. I couldn't even see her. She was very quiet but it wasn't anything to worry about she was just a quiet little baby. The only time she cried was when they poked her foot I think. I was busy getting stitched up since I had also tore along with the episiotomy. 

When they finally brought my baby over to me. I was so happy! I couldn't believe that she weighed 9 pounds and 20 inches long! But she was so beautiful and I was so happy. I'm really happy that I got that epidural because feeling a 9 pound baby come out... ouch... plus I had no feeling really so I had no idea what was going on down there.

During labor though they noticed that I had some sort of internal bleeding and I was bleeding a lot. Like I was bleeding out. There was a ton of sponges used to clean it up and I was right on the borderline of a blood transfusion. We stayed at the hospital for 2 days for me not the baby since I lost so much blood. Once the epidural wore off... I was in a ton of pain. It's gotten better. But those hospital beds do not help in the healing of your down there. 

Anyways... We had lots of visitors and took a ton of pictures and just relished in the fact that we have such a cute little baby! Here are some pictures of the hospital stay and such.


First time getting to see and hold my baby!

So happy its over!

I was in a little bit of pain so they gave me morphine. I couldn't even keep my eyes open.

Thanks Renae for the cute headband!

Sophi absolutely loves her! 

Getting ready to go home!

We are so happy to be home and doing well. We've had our bit of struggles being new parents and all but we wouldn't trade it for anything! Sorry for those who texted and I haven't responded. I'm not ignoring you... I just you know, have a newborn and forget to text you back. But you are more than welcome to visit. But please make sure you feel well before you do! 

We are so in love and couldn't be more thrilled!

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