Tuesday, January 7, 2014

40 weeks!!

We have officially reached this little girls due date!!! And yet.... no baby. I think the funniest thing is that back when I was 36 weeks everyone kept saying "your not going to make it to your due date" and yet here is my due date and no baby.

It's alright though. I really want to be done being pregnant but I know I only have about 7 days or less to go until we meet her. So I know I can make it. I think the hardest part about being over my due date is the snarky comments people are making. Maybe they aren't snarky... they just seem snarky right at this moment.

But some pictures from this pregnancy:

Finally popped!


Christmas card
37 weeks
Baby girl Madeline you are being evicted in the words of your Aunt Whitney or in the words of Sophi "get out Maddie!" 

Tomorrow we go into the doctor to talk about inducing. So we are very very very close!!! :D 

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