Friday, December 13, 2013

Still no baby

I've been getting lots of questions about "is she here yet?!" 

Unfortunately no. She's not... And let me tell you something about "labor"

It SUCKS! They tell you to go to the hospital when they get about 5 minutes apart. Well my contractions have been 2 minutes apart for the last few days and yet they keep sending me home. 

What they tell me is wait until they get "more intense" Yeah... whatever that means. They don't hurt so bad. Just uncomfortable. So they keep asking if I want morphine or percocet. I'm not one to take pain medications unless I need it. And if I need said pain killers then the contractions should be "intense" enough for me to stay... 

So I have decided to "tough it out" I have a doctors appointment on Monday to get checked. So if she doesn't come this weekend then we'll get checked to see if we have progressed since Wednesday. We are pretty close to having her come. I don't want to say "she'll be coming this early" but a lot of the doctors and nurses say that she probably will be here before Christmas. Lets just hope its not on Christmas or Christmas Eve.

I'm not due for a couple more weeks so I shouldn't be impatient when it comes to getting this baby here. But to be honest. Now that labor has started I just want her here. I worry that she's getting too stressed in there from all the contractions but she is still here cute wiggly self so I know she's okay.

I haven't slept much this week. Thank goodness I have an awesome job where they will work with me. And my CFO even said in the manager meeting that I was a real "trooper" Which was very nice of him. I am very fortunate for my job and real lucky I work with such great people. 

So that's the update. She could come at any point now and we're pretty much waiting for things to pick up or for my water to break. So keep us in your prayers! We are so grateful for all the love and support. And I'm so grateful for the sweet messages I keep getting from everyone!

When she does get here you are more than welcome to come visit! Just text me or Zack (facebook message works too!) and let us know you would like to come visit and we'll give you the code to come see us! We do ask if you are sick, have a runny nose or a cough or anything of the sort to please wait until you are better to come visit. We don't want our sweet baby getting sick! :) Thank you so much for understanding! And can't wait to introduce our little one to all of you!

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