Friday, December 27, 2013

38 weeks!!

We are on the last few days of this pregnancy before we meet our little one! I am so excited. After having false labor the last few weeks, I feel ready and confident for her to come.

I went to my 38 week doctors appointment yesterday. You know one of those routine doctors visits. Most of the time when I go to doctors visits I usually don't have questions. If I have questions I usually do some research or I ask my mom. So usually my questions get answered long before the doctors appointment. But this time I had some questions.

My question was about induction, when they would start to intervene and things like that. Since I am fully convinced my body can't do what it needs to do now. 

My nurse practitioner told me they don't do anything until you hit about 39 weeks of pregnancy. It lowers the risk of baby having complications. So she said next week at your appointment we'll strip your membranes. Everyone I've heard that has had this happened usually gave birth within 24 hours of this happening. Everyone but my mother. So we'll see if this even works. After that at 40 weeks they'll try some other stuff and if that still doesn't work they'll schedule me for an induction. 

I was really worried since we haven't made much progress in the last 2 weeks. But the nurse assured me that is normal in first time moms. Apparently since your body has never ever given birth before it takes awhile for your body to realize what it needs to do. So a lot of first time mom's actually won't efface or dilate until closer to there due date. So it was kinda strange that I was at 80% and 1 cm dilated at 36 weeks. 

I'm pretty excited that there is a good chance this time next week I could be holding my baby girl. I have been getting really depressed lately from everyone asking me "is there a baby yet?" I want her here just as much as the next person, but all this asking is getting me really sad. I knew I shouldn't have said anything to anyone about the baby coming early back when I was 36 weeks. But I did and I guess I will have to live with the consequences. But no worries for you. I will let everyone know when she makes her grand appearance! 

Again since flu season is in full swing, I am going to ask that you check yourself and even if you have just a tiny little sniffle that you please wait until you are better to visit. We would love for everyone to come and meet Maddie, but we would love it even more if she stayed nice and healthy. I heard someone saying recently they were pretty offended when a mom of a brand new baby asked them not to touch the baby. I was there and I know the mom asked everyone to please not touch and nobody listened. So PLEASE I don't want to be mean but I will be. Please if you feel sick, have been sick in the last little while to wait and come visit later. Thank you in advance for being courtesy! 

I hope you all have a great new year! I know we will! 

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