Monday, December 16, 2013

37 weeks! Officially Full Term!!

We have officially hit the 37 week mark and our baby girl is now full term! 

We went to the doctor today to get checked and see how much we have progressed since last week.

Last week on Monday if you remember we were at 40% effaced and barely a 1 cm dilated. I was happy we were getting somewhere. After that appointment we got into the "early labor stages" Where your body makes you think that "this is it!" when really it's not. I've lost my mucus plug twice now. Did you know it can regenerate? I know a little TMI. But seriously how cruel is that?

So that was Tuesday. On Wednesday we went to the hospital because I hadn't felt Maddie move for 2 hours and I was starting to get really worried about her so we went right then. We got checked first and were at a 60% effaced and still 1 cm dilated. In that one hour we had progressed to 80% and 1 cm. 

The doctor was really surprised at how fast we progressed and said that at the rate we were going she would probably be here within 24 hours. So Zack and I went home and got everything we needed ready because we were prepared to have our baby here within 24 hours. And then...

Later that night we went back and after having contractions 2 minutes apart all day we had not progressed. Not what you want to hear. So naturally I was upset. 

So I told Zack that I was not planning on going back until there were tears in my eyes from that much pain. And pretty much the contractions at this point have tapered off. I still get them at least once or twice per hour. But not as frequent as the 2 minutes apart. 

We went into the doctor today to find out how much we progressed we are still sitting at 80%.... grr... but we are just about to a 2 for dilation! So we did progress but not as much as I was hoping. But if we progress as much as we did last week then we will hit 100% effacement by Wednesday and at least a 3. Keeping our fingers crossed! I'm still betting she'll be here around December 29th. 

I'm not sure if we should expect her to be here before Christmas but everyone is saying to expect me to come way before my due date. I still think December 29th is a good date since it's after Christmas. But tomorrow is a full moon and they say that makes women go into labor so we'll see. I'm not counting on anything. 

So here is to a good week of last minute Christmas shopping for all you slackers out there ;) And if I don't update this again have a very Merry Christmas!!

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