Monday, December 9, 2013

36 weeks and the doctors appointment

36 weeks right there!! Bam!! Its pretty exciting to see the end in sight now. So what's going on this week in pregnancy?

Symptoms: Practice contractions on and off now. Back pain, baby is starting to "drop". (I know TMI right here) but definitely some leaking fluid. And since she's now dropping further into my pelvis it makes it harder to sit for long periods and to walk around.

Baby: She is packing on the pounds now gaining an ounce a day. By the end of this week she will be considered full term! (yay!!) Her lungs are finishing up maturing but mostly now she is in there just to gain weight. Most babies that are born this week have little to no complications. 

Gender: Girly girl!

Yum: Hershey's chocolate caramel kisses.

Yuck: Eggs don't sound very good this week.

Highs: We are pretty much all set for this little girl to get here. We just have a few last minute shopping to do for me for when the baby gets here. But all of her stuff is ready to go now! And we also got the hospital bags all packed!

Lows: I fell twice on Saturday which made it so I was having on and off contractions yesterday. Oh so fun.

So we had our 36 week doctor appointment today! They did the Group B Strep test we'll find out the results of the test next week. They also tested my cervix since I was all propped up there and ready to go.

So the progress so far? 40% effaced and 1 cm dilated. For those of you who were like me and were like what the heck is that? In order to get this baby out you must be at 100% effacement and 10 cm dilated. You need to be 4 cm dilated in order to admitted into the hospital. So we are about half way there for effacement. And still have a LONG way to go before we are dilated. I feel dilation takes a long long time to happen.

I'm pretty happy with the progress we have made. To be honest I didn't think if we had made any progress we would have little to no progress. Especially since technically we aren't considered 36 weeks until tomorrow. 

This little girl got so spoiled at her baby shower. I am so grateful for everyone who was able to make it! There is no way we would've been able to survive this winter without all your generous gifts! We will be getting those thank you notes out here very soon! But just so I can say it! Thank you thank you thank you! And a big thanks to my parents, Whitney, and my aunt Randi for putting it on for me and working so hard on everything! It turned out wonderful!

I'm not sure what else is happening this week. I'll be spending the rest of this month enjoying the Holidays... or trying to.. and waiting for this little girl to get here and trying to put myself in labor by the 29th. :) I wonder if she's coming sooner rather than later now... :)

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday and stay safe out there with these awful roads!

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