Tuesday, December 3, 2013

35 weeks!! Almost there!

We are in the last few weeks of this pregnancy! And I'm so happy that it's almost over! So here is the update for this week.

Symptoms: Tired, groin pain, rib pain from this little girl sticking her feet in my ribs. Back pain.

Baby: There isn't much room in there anymore now that she's around 18 inches long. And her weight is right around the 6 pound mark. Baby's kidneys are now fully developed, her liver can now process some waste. Everything is pretty much done she'll just spend the next few weeks putting weight on. 

Gender: Girl

Oh my: cupcakes sound SOOO good!!

Yuck: Those nasty Hawaiian rolls Zack picked up at Walmart this week.

Highs: Took my iron levels yesterday I am proud to announce we have made it to 34!! And we have the baby shower on Saturday!

Lows: I'm sick of being pregnant. I'm ready for my clothes to fit again. 

I'm so happy that we have around 30ish days until we meet this little one! People have started to put in there guesses so it's really fun to see what everyone is guessing! Here is the tally so far! I think Maddie is going to be coming early. Especially with these practice contractions happening once every hour... But we'll see what kind of progress we have made next Monday!

Oh and Tyler put his vote in after I made that... So his guess is December 28th (Did I tell you were my favorite brother?) 

Everyone kept telling me, and everyone else in my family they really wanted to see a picture of me pregnant. I'm totally against pictures of me being pregnant because 1. I think everyone just wants to see me fat 2. I feel giant 3. I don't feel very cute. But anyways... here was the picture my family made me take on Thanksgiving. That shirt needs to go... it's making me look bigger than I really am....

Yesterday I went to get my iron levels tested. Last week at my doctors appointment Dr. Reese was really worried about my iron levels. So he made me go in yesterday just get them tested to see what kind of progress we made. And I'm so happy that we went up from 27 to 34! I'm suppose to be at a 36 so were almost there! And now were not worried about me needing a blood transfusion and now Maddie can come early now because I got my iron up like a good girl :) 

I'm not sure what else has happened this week beside that.... So that's it for this week! Next week we'll see how close this little girl is to coming!!

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