Tuesday, November 19, 2013

33 weeks!

Woot woot! We made it to 33 weeks!! 

I haven't done a post in a LONG time about how things are going in my pregnancy. So I thought it might be a good idea to post SOMETHING about it! 

Symptoms: Well it seems like something is always hurting lately. Whether its my hips, feet, legs, back, or stomach. Something is hurting. I'm always tired, but we'll talk about that a little later.

Baby: Baby girl you weigh a little over 4 lbs and have grown over 17 inches long! (whoa!!) Your skin is starting to soften and not be so wrinkly. Your bones are starting to harden and the survival rate for you went up from 95 % to 98 %

Gender: It was confirmed again during an emergency ultra sound that she is indeed a little girl :)

Oh my: Anything junk food sounds good to me!

Yuck: Cream of Wheat.

Highs: 40 days until I'll be okay with her being here! 28 days until she is considered full term!! :D

Lows: being sick this week :(

So remember this post I made when I was 28 weeks along about my iron levels? I was at a 30 and was suppose to be at a 36. Well... for the last month I have been taking iron supplements. I've been trying to find things with high iron so that way I would be covered. I was feeling pretty pumped for my next doctors appointment and they took the test and BAM I was at a 27. I have no idea how it could've went down when I was taking in more iron rich food and supplements than before! So then I got told that if I gave birth at this point I would probably need a transfusion :( So now I'm being put on prescription iron pills that are suppose to be more "absorbent"

I never really talked about on here what happened. But I fell right on my baby a few weeks ago. I was getting out of bed (half asleep) when all a sudden I was falling over. I fell right on my stomach and fell so hard that I woke Zack out of a deep sleep. It would've been a funny experience... if I wouldn't have been pregnant. It's kinda funny cuz I am a klutz and was doing so well with not being too klutzy. but I have this app that tells you everyday whats going on and things like that. And that day it was "you'll probably feel more klutzy than usual and have a fall" hahaha. How right they were! But everything turned out fine! We went and monitored her for about 30 minutes and did and ultra sound and everything was fine!

And in this post I talked about how upset I was about the piano incident of course I was being an overly emotional pregnant lady but the last Sunday I felt so good about myself! I was told that the other piano player actually struggled quit a bit playing the songs, I was secretly happy about that because karma sure bit her in the butt after she was so rude to me. And then I just felt so pretty. And primary rocked that day!

I posted this picture a little while ago. Yes that is my little girls butt poking out there. She is so silly sometimes! She absolutely loves being like that. Just laying there with her butt poking out. It makes my stomach feel extra stretched out but it's so adorable! I absolutely love her cute personality already! I'm soooo in love with this little girl! I can't wait to meet her soon! 

We did some family pictures on Sunday. I can't post my favorite one until the Christmas card goes out... but here is one and I know people have been been bugging me about posting belly pics so here is a semi one! So here's to the holidays! Thanksgiving in a week! then Christmas in 36 days, hopefully my little one will be here in 40 days and new years is about 42 days away! Yay!!! 

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