Monday, October 21, 2013

The good and the bad news

Last week I went in for my monthly doctors exam. It was my 28 week appointment so it was time to take the wonderful glucose test! You know the one where you have to drink that nasty stuff of pure sugar and then after an hour they draw your blood? Yup that would be the one.

So we got some good news from the blood test, and... we got some bad news.

Good news first? My glucose test came back as 83. You can be up to a 132 I think she said and still be considered normal. Yay for 83! 

Bad news? My blood count was a 30, and normal, not pregnant people are suppose to be at a 36... So I'm not getting enough iron in my system. I'm now being put on iron supplements as well as vitamin c. 

Having a low blood count is kinda scary so they are going to be watching me closely so I don't end up with preterm labor, or a stillborn.

However some good news? We have finally made it to going every 2 week appointments. So I was pretty thrilled. :) 

Everything else is healthy according to my doctor.

Except she really gave me a good scare at my last appointment asking if I had a certain test done at there office. I told them I did all of my tests there. And she said that it shows my baby has spina bifida. UH WHAT?! And nobody freaking told me?! Isn't this cause for concern?! And then she looked at her computer. Oh wait, no, just kidding. Your baby is fine. -_- wonderful scare there.

But were doing wonderfully except the low blood count. Next week on Halloween hopefully we'll be able to get it up... if not... I'm not sure what they are going to suggest... Lets cross our fingers we get this up!

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