Thursday, October 17, 2013

My Pregnancy Tips (up to 3rd trimester)

Here I am, in my third trimester. It is seriously so crazy! Where did the time go?! Zack said to me just a few days ago that it felt like we were just looking at the tiny little stick that had the 2 lines on it and now we have just about 2 months left until this stinker gets here!

I just wanted to write down some of the "must haves" for me, for the first and second trimester.

1. Morning sickness pills.

These were a life saver for me. I always got sick if I didn't get enough sleep, and I always have a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep so when we bought these any nausea I had went away.

2. Tylenol PM.

This is a life saver now for me. I told my doctor that I was having really really bad hip pain and back pain to the point where I can't sleep at night. He recommended Tylenol Pm. It has unisom in it (the sleep aid) and it will help in the middle of the night take away the constant pain. It's non habit forming so you don't have to worry about getting addicted to it.

3. Body pillow.

My beloved body pillow. It's black, fluffy, and really soft. I absolutely love that thing. It's another life saver. I didn't really need it in my first trimester. I still slept normal. My second trimester after my stomach popped its been really nice. And now if I don't sleep with it, I have terrible hip pain the next morning. I definitely recommend getting one of these, it helps support your stomach, and you can put the pillow in between your knees which relieves hip pain.

4. Bed Buddy.

These are those magical fabric things filled with rice or whatever that you can stick in the microwave and warm up and use it as a portable heating pad :) I have used for all 3 trimester. For the first trimester I was having pretty terrible cramps for the first couple of weeks. It was just my body adjusting to being pregnant but using the heating pad certainly helped. And then of course if your having back pain, hip pain, or anything like that you just stick it where it hurts and it helps relieve the pain. So wonderful :) I've been using it on my lower back. Mine can reach my hips so it helps reduce the pain in my hips. Life saver!

5. Gum.

I haven't actually really chewed gum since being pregnant to be honest. But this is my favorite gum and I love the smell. I had a real bad issue of people at work making gross smelling things. To other people it smelled fantastic. But to me it turned my stomach. So I just pulled out my pack of gum and just smelled it and it helped pass that queasy feeling. You don't really need gum. I guess any good smelling thing, but anything that smells refreshing I would find a small version of that and cart it around with you. Because the moment you smell something that makes your stomach turn... your going to wish you had some of this stuff.

6. Snacks

Before I was pregnant I wasn't much of a "snacker" Before I went to work I could eat my breakfast and that was at 7 and then I wouldn't need to eat lunch until about 2ish and then I wouldn't eat dinner until 8ish. I didn't really need to snack because I wasn't hungry. The only time I did snack was when I was "bored" the mindlessly eating. But now being pregnant I am constantly hungry. I will eat breakfast at 6, and then by 9 I'm starving again. So I usually bring a little snack to work to eat because I don't eat lunch until 12. Snacks are seriously a must have for pregnant women. Because if your stomach is empty chances are the sicker your going to be. I know it sounds crazy but I've hardly had any morning sickness and these are the things I've done.

Other tips:

I would definitely recommend getting in exercise as much as you can. If you didn't really exercise before this one is going to be tough. But try walking at least 30 minutes a day. This one really helps with my hip pain and those awful pelvic pains. (Although sometimes it's not so nice on my back and feet.)

Lose fitting shoes! My feet have finally have hit that wonderful swollen feet part. Some of my favorite shoes I can't wear now. (I still try and end up taking them off the moment I get to work) Get something that's not straining and has good support. It helps with the back pain.

In the middle of the night I would stretch my legs out and then get a bad bad charlie horse. The first time this happened I laid there in bed in shock of the pain. And my leg hurt for days on end. And then it happened again a few days later on my other leg. I have now learned that when you get these STAND UP. I know, it's the middle of the night and the last thing you want to do is get out of your nice warm bed. But honestly the faster I can stand up and put weight on my foot the faster the charlie horse goes away! It's amazing!

Get an awesome spouse! If my feet are really swollen and hurting he'll take lotion and massage my feet. no matter how much he doesn't want to. He also does other amazing things like warm my bed buddy up in the middle of the night. Brings me glasses of water. or goes and gets anything I'm craving. So if you can find a great hubby like mine who will cater to your every pregnancy need and you'll be set ;)

Those are the tips I can think of off the top of my head. When I actually finish my pregnancy I'll give you the tips of that. I know that I've looked on every website, book, blog anything I can get my hands on to make this pregnancy easier. So I thought I would help other people out there who are doing the same. :)

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