Tuesday, October 8, 2013

27 weeks!!

We have officially made it into the 3rd trimester!! :D 

Symptoms: Back pain, hip pain, leg pain, tendonitis, can't sleep through the night anymore. Yay.....

Baby: You are 2 pounds now! and approximately 14 1/2 inches long! You are opening and closing your eyes and sleeping and waking at regular intervals. Your brain is very active now, your lungs are still immature but if you were born now with lots of help from machines you could survive. You are starting to hiccup more and more. 

Gender: Still a little girl. 

 Oh my: Cookies are always a favorite :) so are brownies. 

 Yuck: Meat, meat, meat

Highs: We've moved into our new apartment as of yesterday so we will be setting up the nursery now! 

Lows: For the second time I've thrown up in this pregnancy :( But I count my lucky stars that it's only been twice.

This baby likes waking up at 130. So I guess I'm preparing myself for the fact that my child is going to be awake and active at 130 in the morning. And then again at 430. I'm already awake now because of it so I might as well put a smile on and enjoy it. 

She gets the hiccups now and then. It's kinda cute.

Also on Sunday while at my parents house for family dinner we of course were passing baby Brooke around. (she's adorable) and Zack kept hogging the baby. Shocked us all to see how excited Zack is for our baby to be here. He's gonna be such a cute daddy in 2 1/2 months. :) 

My other niece Sophi is now telling everyone she has a blob in her tummy. That's what I used to call Madeline before she could be considered a baby. And she is also telling everyone that her blob is coming out after Santa comes. It's really cute :) 

Anyways. That's the update for this week. I seriously can't believe we are just about done with this pregnancy!!

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