Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Apparently people don't understand life.

I read an article today and it shocked me. That some mormon women are planning on standing outside the priesthood session and protesting because women cannot hold the priesthood.

The article was her view points on why she does not agree with these women for doing it. And it was very well written and I agree with her.

I am a women. I cannot change it. In the eyes of my Heavenly Father I am a women and I love that I am a women.

As I got reading the comments I started to chuckle to myself. A lot of women say "Women get to bear children and men get to hold the priesthood" Which in a way is true. No matter how much men protest and stand around and pout they will NEVER understand what it's like to be pregnant and to actually have a child come out of you. 

And then they started saying how hurtful that comment is to all the women out there who cannot bear children. And that wasn't "a fair statement" 

Which really pissed me off. (sorry for my language). But I'm sorry LIFE IS NOT FAIR! It's true. I don't understand why I had to endure years and years of abuse. (I'm being real here) and that my husband did not. Or that my best girl friends didn't either. They will never understand what it was like to have someone take away there free will. I suffer from the effects of it every day. There were times I sat there and said Heavenly Father why me? This isn't fair.

So why in the heck do women say "that's not a fair statement" were all given trials in this life meant specifically for us. So those women who cannot bear children are given that trial for a reason. Life is not meant to be fair. If you wanted life to be fair here then you should've chosen Satan's plan. But you didn't. You chose this life because it was meant to test and try in you every way possible even if it means that one person (like Job) gets tested and tried far more than someone else. 

Also with the statement earlier "Women get to bear children and men get to hold the priesthood" Women started going off about fatherhood and how women demean fatherhood so much. EXCUSE ME?! but part of fatherhood is the priesthood they go hand in hand. My husband has the priesthood to serve me and my family. I am doing my duty by bearing children and raising them. His job is to provide and preside and protect. If I had the priesthood I feel that would be demeaning my husband. That I would be essential be taking away something sacred that is specifically to him and a way to serve my children as well as myself.

And to the women out there who cannot get pregnant. My heart goes out to you. Really honestly. But that does not mean you cannot be a mother! You can adopt and there are so many ways now days to help you get pregnant. It costs A TON of money but Heavenly Father has provided us a way to be mothers. So please do not think Heavenly Father doesn't want you to be a mother, He does. And I think taking a child you did not bear into your home makes you more amazing than some women out there. Your someone's hero.

To the women out there protesting. I got one thing to say to you and I really want you to think about this. Who are you protesting? Are you protesting our prophets? Because if you are protesting our prophets then you honestly do not understand how things work in the church. This is GOD'S church. We are the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We are not Joseph Smiths church, we are not president Monson's church. We are The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. And do you really think you can protest God? Do you really think just because you stand outside his church and stomp your feet that your going to get your way? I prayed every day for the abuse in my life to stop and guess what YEARS later of fasting and praying and faith did it actually end. So you acting like some stuck up child is not going to end well with God. And why would you question God. To be honest I don't think you really thought what you are doing through.

Look what happened to Joseph Smith when he questioned God. About the 116 pages that his friend (I cannot remember the name for the life of me) wanted to take to show his wife. God's answer was no. And yet Joseph Smith kept asking and asking and finally God said yes and look what happened. They got lost. I feel this is the exact situation. God will do things in HIS time. Not ours. But you thinking your going to change God's mind scares me more than you can understand. I implore you to pray and fast and read your scriptures to understand why you cannot hold the priesthood at this time. Instead of marching up like a mob and disturbing the peace.

I am all for equality. I grew up in a house full of boys and I like that my parents didn't baby me because I was a girl. I got to do everything my brothers go to do if I wanted. But I have never once questioned why I don't get the priesthood. Because I know why. Ask and He will enlighten you. Protesting is not asking it's demanding from God. And to be honest its very rude.

Anyways, that's my rant. I cannot understand why some people are making this thing a big deal. If you don't like a doctrine then go to a church that you do. God will not change the way His church is ran.

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