Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Where have we gone wrong?

Many of you heard about the Miley Cyrus incident over the last couple of days. You know the atrocious performance she did? Yeah... Pretty sad. 

So I sit here wondering and watching all these teen stars grow up and completely ruin there lives. Where did society go wrong?

Well society let me point out some things to just show you where you pointed these kids wrong..

1. Society thinks everyone needs to be ultra super skinny. 

Uh?!?! No! This is not a good image to be putting in the minds or our children. To be honest in this pregnancy I really don't look at the scale to see how much weight I gain. Why? Because I struggle with anorexia and looking at the scale only makes me want to quit eating.

Women do not come in the same shapes and sizes. Were not all size 0's. And that is perfectly fine. I used to look at my friends and wish I was like them. Why? Because they didn't obsess daily about how skinny they were like I did. And it's so sad to see girls go anorexic to try to fit in. Just be healthy and love your body. You are perfect just the way you are!

2. Society wants you to think the less clothes you have on the more sexy you are.

Girls let me tell you something. Your only inviting trouble. Sure you'll get the attention of guys but mostly from pigs. If he really respects you or if he's a decent guy he wouldn't even give those girls a second glance. Because he respects women. Men would you want your wives or daughters running around in the skankiest outfits out there?! I wouldn't think so. I'm about to have a little girl and I certainly don't want her dressing like she's about to start a job as a hooker. There is a difference between trashy and classy

3. The language people should use should be something out of a rated R film

Let me start off by saying I hate more than anything out there is swearing. It's crude, its offensive and it really makes you sound stupid. It's like really? you can't come up with more creative words than the f word? And you say it every other word. Also have some respect for the people around you!! You may not mind the swearing and actually kind of like it but it doesn't mean the rest of us want to hear it! And I certainly don't want my child picking up the F WORD. It's not cute. It's just sad. So it's not okay. Again there is a difference between trashy and classy and there is nothing more trashy than some girl or guy running around spilling out the f word every other word.

4. Sex is okay if you love the person.

Right like 2 sixteen year olds really understand what "love" is. 90% of the time you say you love your boyfriend/girlfriend. The next day, your broken up. So lets say in high school you have 5 boyfriends and you sleep with all 5 boyfriends. And then you get of out of high school and you sleep with 5 more people and so on and so forth because you "love" them. Now when you finally meet the "one" you have to tell them that "hey I slept with 10 guys because I thought I loved them and was going to marry them". One that sounds trashy. Two you know how many diseases you can get from sleeping around? And three what happens if you end up pregnant? Then you'll really understand how much you "love" the person when they aren't there for you. Or they have a drug problem ect. Or you guys get married but your unfaithful or he's unfaithful. You might be thinking right now "your wrong" Watch 16 and pregnant. Watch teen mom 1,2,3. Heck watch the MAURY show! You can find out what "love" is that way.  Seriously.

So if your sitting there wondering what happened to Miley Cyrus. Take a good look society. You aren't showing other children how to be good influences, how to be classy. Your showing them how to not succeed and become porn stars. And frankly that is sad. So please excuse me while I take my daughter to church and try to shield her from society that raised Miley Cyrus up into the adult she is.

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