Thursday, August 1, 2013

Need some advice about this.

I'm frustrated. I was really frustrated this last week but I've got bigger things to worry about.

Let me tell you a story and get your opinion:

We went on vacation to the Bahamas this last month. We rented a car in Orlando and took it from the airport to the port and then back again. It sat in a parking garage the whole week. 

But first when we were at the check out stand this girl said "oh lets upgrade the car you have now for free. I'll wave all the fees." We thought great! That's awesome service! Much to my surprise when we get back and we have to pay for the upgrade. An extra 200 dollars we didn't have nor expecting. But we paid it because well, we took the car and drove the car around and all I wanted to do was get home.  

So when we returned the car we took the car back the guy did a walk around said the car looked good. Had me sign the paper and we left. 

1 month later we get a bill in the mail saying we caused 1,000 dollars worth of damage. All it had was an audit person saying it was going to cost this much to fix.

Well much to my surprise when they say we caused an accident. So I'm sitting here going when did we get in an accident? We were so careful with this car to not cause damage to it. It sat in a parking garage the whole week for crying out loud! How could we cause that much damage not even driving it!

I've read online where this is happened to many many people. In one instance it wasn't even the same car they drove! So I think they wanted us to take that car so we would have to pay for "damages". 

One thing I made sure I didn't do was give them our insurance information. I like to keep things private. Well turns out that they want the insurance information so they can bill them directly without your knowledge. So good thing that didn't happen.

Also they said they will be sending pictures to my email address so I can see the damages. Guess what hasn't gotten to my email yet? They are being very sneaky about it. Not saying what got damaged. Just saying something on the drivers side. Not the car what year, and all that stuff. 

And they didn't get it appraised until 1 week after we left. Seems to me if your running a business you would get it appraised immediately and not an entire 7 days after we leave. So I feel very inclined to ignore this bill since well, they haven't done anything to prove that the car we drove was indeed the car we are trying to bill us for.

Zack's going to call them on Monday about it, record everything they say and then were taking it to a lawyer. I don't have 1,000 dollars to give a car rental company. So what would you do? Would you sue them for an illegal bill? just try to get it waved? Should I ignore it? I don't want this on my driving record cuz it will make insurance that much more expensive. Ugh... Someone help!

Thanks! Your advice is greatly appreciated!

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