Monday, August 5, 2013

It's okay mommy

I'm extremely filled with happiness. 

I'm happy because I'm a mommy. And the constant kicks are reminders that I am a mommy to a cute little baby that will be born in about 20 weeks.

I love reading blogs. I mean what else am I gonna do to fill up the 40+ hours I am at work every week. I was reading through some blogs of women who got pregnant and then ended up losing there sweet precious little baby.

I pretty much started crying at work (darn pregnancy hormones) I seriously could see myself being in that situation. 

And then just as I got really sad for these women my baby kicks me to remind me it's still there and it loves me. I don't know it just feels wonderful knowing that it's still there. 

That's what I worry most. Is that I'll lose my baby. Every time we have an appointment I'm so anxious for it to make sure my little sweet baby is doing okay. And it's confirmed every week that it's still doing awesome.

Even after all the pain that I'm in and the constant tiredness and I'm just overjoyed that I'm a mommy. 

So even if I get sad those little kicks are a reminder that everything is okay and will be okay.

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