Friday, August 23, 2013

It's a......

That's right! She's a GIRL!!! And let me tell you something about this little girl.

She's active.

Yesterday at the doctors office the nurse who was doing the sonogram was trying to get good pictures of this munchkin. She would not hold still. You could watch her legs going everywhere and her arms. She would poke her face out and then turn around. And then the nurse was trying to get a picture of her umbilical cord and was pushing on this little girl trying to get her to move. And what does my daughter do? She does a freaking somersault. A somersault. We got a picture of it. She's too active for her own good. She's probably going to come out running.

Anyways. Zack and I are thrilled we are having a baby girl. I'm estatic ready to go by everything in pink!! 

We do have a name. Her name is Madeline Nicole Bleyle. And she's still due January 7th. :) 

We thanks everyone who continues to support us! We are in love already and really appreciate all the support you have given us!

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