Friday, August 9, 2013

Gender Predictions

So I've heard about all these gender predictions so I did a few lot and here is the results

Babies Heart Beat: Girl
They say if the heart beat is over 140 it's a girl and if it's below 140 it's a boy. Our babies heart beat is 155. 

Wedding Ring Test: Girl
They say if you put your rings on a string and hold it over your belly it will tell you the gender. A circle means girl and back and forth means boy.

How Your Carrying: Girl
So this one is tricky they say if your carrying high its a girl and if your carrying low it's a boy. But I don't know. Also they say if your carrying more in the front boy and if your carrying around your hips girl. I'm not really showing so that says girl.

Cravings: Girl
If you are craving sweets it means girl if you are craving sour and salty things it means boy. Bring on the fruit roll ups!

Morning sickness: Boy   
They say if your not as sick it's a boy and if your really sick it's a girl. Not sure I believe that since I have 2 friends who are having boys and they were super sick... 

Sleep Position: Girl
They say if you sleep on your right side girl, on the left boy. I sleep on the right when I start out. But I always have... so... who knows.

Soft Hands: Girl
They say if your hands are really soft and smooth girl, if they are a bit rougher boy.

Mood changes: Girl!
For heaven sakes I cried about a broken cake! They say if your more moody girl and if your about the same boy.

Leg Hair: Girl
If your hair grows back faster then its a boy since you have more testosterone moving in your body. If they stay the same girl. 

Dream Meanings: ?????
They say if you dream about a girl then your having a boy and if you dream about a boy then your having a girl. Well now I've dreamed about both. So now, I have no idea what to go with.

So... Now you know why I'm guessing girl. So family if you want to change your vote do so now! So far we have

It's all tied up! So really if you want to change your vote do it now! We'll find out in less than 2 weeks now!

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