Thursday, August 8, 2013

Belly Bump #pregnancyproblems

When you get pregnant you are just so excited! You think of all the cute things you get to do before your baby arrives.

-All the cute "bumpdates" 
-All the people coming up and asking about your baby
- All the cute things you can wear
-Your maternity pictures
-different ways to tell your family
-baby showers

Well let me tell you something. I am half way through my pregnancy and ALL of my clothes that I wore pre-pregnancy fit. Yeah. They fit. I should be happy right? Happy that I can go about my day normally.

  But then you start seeing other women who are pregnant and then you start looking at yourself wondering "is there something wrong with me or my baby?" Because lots of women at this stage are cute pregnant ladies showing off there cute little bump. And then there's me. With this tiny itty bitty pudge. 

Zack used to joke that the moment I got pregnant you could tell. And guess what here I am half way through and no one can tell! I should've just seen how long I could've gone without anyone knowing.... #eighteenandhalfweeksandnooneknows

I should be grateful you know. Grateful that this is just an easy pregnancy. That I might only have to buy a couple of pregnancy clothes and nothing else. That after I give birth I might be able to not look that bad... Or... I could. Who knows. 

You know what I do feel like? Every time I bend over that awful bloated feeling you get when your on your period? Yeah that's what it feels like but I know what that is. I know that's my baby. I know that because it kicks me at least once an hour to remind me "Hey mom! I'm hungry"

If I push down where the baby is I can actually feel it. I can freaking feel it. How strange is that! And promptly after that it kicks me probably mad that I woke her/him up. (can't wait until I finally know!) 

I'm sure everyone around me can watch it kick me. Because where the baby is. There's no fat there. My stomach just seems to be getting larger... Maybe I should exercise more? Eh.... 

I hope I'm a cute pregnant lady like Kate Middleton!

And not like Kim Kardashian. 

Seriously those shoes are screaming. I mean its great to want to be a pregnancy goddess like Brooklyn Decker in the movie "What to expect when your expecting" but we can't be. 

But one can hope! So here's to the rest of my pregnancy! Hoping and praying that it'll be as easy as the last 18 weeks!

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