Thursday, August 15, 2013

19 weeks!

We are almost half way there!! And if this baby comes early then we are half way there!! YAY!!!

Symptoms: I'm thirsty all the time! I feel like I'm waddling now.

Baby: This week baby all of your 5 senses are beginning to develop and come into play! You can hear my voice now and honestly I believe it because you kick me a lot! You weigh about 8 1/2 oz. And 6 inches long. About the size of a Tomato!

Gender: We'll find out a week from today! So make sure you stayed tuned on the blog to find out what the gender is!! Zack has now switched and believes baby is a boy now. I still think girl.

Oh my!: fudge pops taste heavenly!

Yuck!: still meat.

Highs: I popped this week. Now I look more pregnant than I do fat. Baby grew so much this last week. It's crazy!!

Lows: Being dizzy all the time. Still have to wait another week to find out what you are!

I think it's crazy to see how much I popped out this week!!

I finally had someone rub my stomach this week. Even though I know the person I find them extremely creepy and wanted to punch them. Ask me permission. Although if this person would've asked I would've probably slapped them. Personal hygiene is something everyone should practice and if you don't... keep your hands to yourself!

Anyways can't wait until Next week!! It's a very exciting week for us!

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