Wednesday, August 7, 2013

18 weeks!

Symptoms: Back pain. Round ligament pain. Just pain all around.

Baby: Is about the size of a bell pepper and weighs almost 7 oz! Ears have finally moved into the correct place! Baby is suppose to start moving a lot now. Something that should be very noticeable. 

Gender: 2 weeks until we find out! Were getting closer to finding out! I still think its a girl but sometimes I doubt and think it's a boy! 

Oh my!: I kinda love plain salty chips. Mm... so good. Like the kind you use for chips and salsa except without the salsa. 

 Yuck: Meat still is nasty

Highs: Crib came! I'm excited to move so I can set it up!

Lows: Not having somewhere to move. I'm kinda getting stressed.

I'm kinda super excited for fall! So that way I'm not a fat pregnant woman dying of heat. Yay for winter. Hopefully it comes fast so my little baby can be here!

We still haven't found somewhere to move in 2 weeks. Kinda stressed out. But I found one online and hopefully we'll get it! Keep your fingers crossed!

Anyways have a good week!!

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