Thursday, August 1, 2013

17 Weeks!

Whew! We made it to 17 weeks! I thought I'd never get here! Okay okay, time is actually going by so fast. I can't believe I'm almost half way done! Anyways moving on to this week:

Symptoms: I don't feel like I need to sleep 24/7. Although I'm still going to sleep at 8 just in case. Back pain. :( my body is starting to feel really strange. 

Baby: The skeleton in your body is changing from soft cartilage to bone now! You weigh 5 oz now! and are 5 inches long! And you can definitely move around now. And trust me you are moving!

Gender: We find out 3 weeks from today or 21 days from now! All of our families have put in there votes and we will be having a gender reveal party with everyone on that day.

Oh my: Brownies sound delicious right now. I think I'll go home and make some!

Yuck: Meat still is gross.

Highs: knowing that you can hear me now makes me happy :) Oh and the crib will be here tomorrow!

Lows: everything is growing and it's hard to accept in a few weeks my pants won't fit. But I mainly wear skirts as it is... so I'm not missing out.

I think we are slowly getting everything put together for the baby. I think we'll be getting more and more stuff once we find out what it is. And once we move. We have to move this month and that's been a nightmare. Funny how picky you get when you have a baby. 

Look how much I've grown!! I'm just waiting for it to pop!

I just look like I'm fat right now. Oh well. I'll survive ;)

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