Monday, July 29, 2013

What they don't tell you about pregnancy (up to week 16)

How many of you have seen the movie what to expect when your expecting? 

I didn't even think I would like this movie. A movie that was made about what happens when your pregnant. And I wasn't amused. Until I got pregnant and watched it for the first time. 

This scene just makes me giggle so much. 

Now if you aren't pregnant they have different couples going through different thing. One couple tried for 2 years and then finally got pregnant. One couple got pregnant on a one night stand and was just a kid and then lost the baby. One couple can't have kids and has to adopt. There are so many different ways to create a family and it touches on all of them. It's a good movie. I definitely recommend it.

But there many things that people just don't know what happens when you are pregnant. It's not until you get pregnant and then all these women start talking to you about all this stuff and you just go "uh... how come no one told me this before?!" Well let me enlighten some of you on things I've discovered that no one told me about.

1. Everyone knows about the "dreaded morning sickness" Like that's the worst thing in the world. When in reality some women are like me and don't get sick. So don't get all hung up on this one like I did. Yes it affects many women but it comes in many shapes and forms. Get plenty of sleep, exercise be healthy and pray that you end up one of the lucky ones who don't get it.

(I don't drink but this one was still funny)

2. Say goodbye to sleep. Yeah you think "oh 9 months down the road I'll get no sleep so I better get plenty now." HA! Up until this week I've been doing pretty good with sleep. Except that you have to get up multiple times a night to pee. Or I have really bad back pain so you can't sleep because your back hurts SO bad!! So be prepared to kiss your sleep goodbye when you get pregnant.

3. Be prepared for some straight up weird pain. I was so happy that I wouldn't have my period for 9 months. Which equaled no cramps for 9 months. But now I've got this weird "round ligament pain" when my ligaments are being pulled in weird ways to make room for baby. It hurts to walk a lot of the time because of this. So then you start to do this weird waddle thing. 

4. People can't tell if your just fat or pregnant. I haven't even hit this stage and I'm almost half way done. I've gained a tiny bit of weight but for reals, people don't walk up to me and ask me when I'm due or anything. In fact if I don't tell people, people just don't know I am. But that awkward stage where people want to congratulate you but can't because they don't want to make things awkward if your just gaining a little bit of weight.

5. Your hormones are straight up out of wack. Yeah maybe you already know this. But I just assumed it would be something like PMS. I can handle PMS (I don't know if Zack can) But seriously I was crying my eyes out just wanting to die on Saturday because something in my life went horribly wrong, dramatic much? Then on Sunday I was so happy I laughed for 30 minutes straight. But seriously mood swings. There freaking cray cray. Just be prepared for a PMS overload.

I'm on 17 weeks and I've already learned a ton. I'm sure as I get bigger and move on to the third trimester I'll learn so much more about pregnancy. But I think that glow about a pregnant women is just sweat because I seriously don't know how you can glow when all this stuff is going on in side of you. I think people just don't understand. So next time you see a pregnant women be nice to her. :) She probably needs it! 

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