Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Now that I'm a parent or will be in just a few short months, you start to think about your parents and the kind of parent you want to be. 

Growing up I didn't have much but my parents never let us go without. I mean what do you expect two people fresh out of high school trying to raise 2 kids? I think they did a pretty good job!

But we didn't have a lot of money. But I don't think about that, actually I hardly ever think about that. I feel like I had a great childhood and I didn't miss out on anything. 

The most important thing my parents gave me was love. They really showed me how much they loved me through there actions. (oh geez I'm getting all teared up just thinking about this... oh pregnancy hormones)

I remember one night when I was suppose to be asleep and just laying there thinking I was snapping my fingers. I got up and walked in my mom's room who was doing laundry and I showed her I could snap. She didn't get mad at me or anything. She told me I did it wrong and showed me the right way and off to bed I was to practice some more. 

Or the nights when I was suppose to be sleeping and my dad was still out watching tv and he would stumble across the movie Grease and then wake me up for the ending songs and make me dance with him. He did the same thing with Celine Dion. 

Or when I was in elementary school and all my friends go to go to district in the science fair and I didn't. I was happy for my friends but when we got in the car I was pretty sad and crying. My dad wrote me a letter and told me how much he loved me and how proud of how hard I worked on my project and that next year I would get in. And guess what? I did! (with the help of my dad)

Or just a few months ago I was going through my brothers soccer video's and I stumbled across a video of my play I was in, in middle school. I didn't want my dad to record it because I wasn't in much of the scenes but he did it anyways (and didn't even tell me). 

Or at my last dance concert I've ever had in middle school hearing my dad scream my name in the crowd. (wow dad there are a million of you in here).

All the times my mom would help me with my piano so I could succeed. She wouldn't get mad or impatient if I didn't understand. She would sit on the piano with me and work it through with me. And look how awesome I am today because of that and my piano teacher. 

You wouldn't know it but those two are amazing people. You wouldn't know all the things they have been through. How much heartache and cruelty they have seen in this life. They gave me and my brothers a life they didn't get. They didn't want there children growing up in a broken home, or feeling unwanted or unloved. They didn't want us to understand how cruel life could be. 

I bet everyone out there thinks they have the greatest parents, and maybe to you, you do. But I think for me... My parents are the best.

(no more mid-laugh pictures... My face is weird looking)

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