Friday, July 26, 2013

16 Weeks!

Symptoms: the dreaded no sleep symptoms sent in. I had terrible back pain last night and finally at 330 I went and slept on the couch and that helped a TON! Also the moodiness, I feel like I either hate everybody, so ecstatic, or I'm crying.

Baby: This week you are the size of an avocado! You are about 4 1/2 inches long and weigh 3 1/2 ounces! Your ears are finally getting in there proper places and your eyes are more in the front of your face, so in other words you look more like a baby than a blob! Your about to hit some major grow spurts in the next couple of weeks so get ready to grow!

Gender: We didn't find out the gender yesterday. So we will know officially on August 22nd! :) We are very excited to know what you are in just a few short weeks!

Oh my!: uh, I think I made out with my apple this week at work. So good.

Yuck!: Meat. That's nasty stuff.

Highs: We got to hear your sweet little heart beat this week, and we got to feel you move for the first time last night. And your kicking me right now as I type this. And we bought your crib!

Lows: Dumb back pain.

Funny pregnancy story:

On Sunday I was in charge of making dessert for family dinner. So I made this wonderful delicious cake. It was awesome, and I was very proud. As we were walking out the door I accidentally dropped it! Luckily it had tin foil on it so I didn't fall on the floor but it got all over the tin foil and I was really upset. I got to my parents house and didn't talk to anyone finally my mom asked me about the dessert and I came apart. In the words of my brother "She got this big frown, but like a cartoon frown, it came off of her face, I have never seen anyone frown that big before" And then I started crying and talking about how it broke and I worked so hard on it and no one would want a broken cake.

My mom soothed me over and fixed my cake for me and everyone ate it and didn't comment on how broken it was or anything. Except sophi and she said "it's okay my cake is broken"

Awesome story time:

Last night as I was reading my pregnancy bible "what to expect while expecting" I was reading up on "fetal Movement" and this crazy thing happened, I felt like this twitch in my stomach. I sat there for a second and was like "this isn't happening!" and then it did it again! Zack came home in time to feel it move. So crazy. It kind of feels like a fish swimming and slapping around in there. AWESOME. But weird at the same time.

So now I'm calling it my little fishie since it feels like a fish.

Anyways, Happy Friday! here's to (hopefully) a long weekend filled with family, friends, and ice cream... LOTS of ice cream!

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