Tuesday, July 16, 2013

15 weeks!

Well... I was planning on doing you know updates to the pregnancy so people don't have to ask me a million questions that are just awkward. 

But... I either forgot, or I remembered but couldn't do anything about it. So... here is the first one! At 15 weeks!! in the second trimester!

Symptoms: I haven't been really sick (We won't count the cruise) I only get sick when I don't get enough sleep. I don't eat much. I eat every hour but its tiny meals. My nose is unbelievably stuffy. All the time!

Baby: At 15 weeks you are 4 inches long! Your about the size of an apple! Your lungs are now developing as you are breathing in and out. and your legs are now longer than your arms! And you now can tell when it's light outside! Your forming tastes buds and we can find out if you are a girl or a boy now! (hopefully!)

Gender: Not sure yet... we have an appointment next week and I'll ask if they can tell! As for what we want... I'm torn. I think I would be happy either way but I really think it's a boy!

Oh my!: Can you say sweets?! Like fruit roll ups, gushers, fruit snacks!! 

Yuck: Uh... Mexican food is just revolting. 

Highs: Next doctors appointment in 1 week!

Lows: My vacation was completely ruined by sickness...

So here is a picture I took right after I found we were having a baby... So my "prebody" And then ten weeks later and this is what I have...


 So I have a tiny bump there. But people can hardly tell... anyways... thats all for now!

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